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LISTENER SUPPORT 2010:  We are finally updating, after all this time.  In this update, travel to CT, NY, and even PA.  I'm also experimenting with a Facebook page.  If you are a new listener, know that you can scroll  f-a-r  d-o-w-n this page to find hundreds of airchecks that are available and have posted over the years.  You can also  email me to find out how you can contribute audio, or provide comments or questions about this archive.  THANKS FOR LISTENING!

New Features
Buzz Brindle WNBC New York 1977.  (10:09) Even though Brindle ended up as Assistant PD to Bob Pittman, he was saying goodbye to New York on the aircheck from 8/29/77.  On 9/1/77, Pittman took over as PD with a whole new cast, including replacing Don Imus with Ellie Dylan, and also hiring Allen Beebe, Johnny Dark and Lee Masters.  WNBC was obviously trying very hard to sound as boring as possible in this aircheck, playing several slow songs in row - probably to contrast the coming change to full out Top 40.  Thanks to Matt Craig of bigappleairchecks.com for this one. 
Bob Steele WTIC Hartford, CT 1991. (54:26) This great sounding aircheck of WTIC was recorded 9/30/91.  At the time, Steele was retiring from his daily Monday-Saturday programs.  He remained on Saturdays weekly for many years, and eventually went to once monthly.  Steele died in December 2002, and has been honored on this page.  My thanks to Rich Bosse, who prides himself in the audio quality of his airchecks. Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Geoff Fox WPEN Phildelphia 1978.  (12:40) For the last 25+ years, Fox has been meteorologist at WTNH-TV New Haven, but back in the late 70's, he was jocking at WPEN in Philadelphia.  WPEN was a significant force in those days, known as great sounding adult contemporary station.  Fox doesn't disappoint as a jock (and for that matter as a meteorologist either!)  Aircheck was contributed by Steve West. Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Famous Amos WCBS-FM New York 2008. (8:44) The famous one counts down the top party songs of all time on New Years Eve 2008-2009.  It's got some pretty cool in-jokes for radio folks (Why-MCA; "9") and most of all, it ROCKS!  Thanks to contributor emeritus Den Jackson for this example of radio that can still sound good. Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Bud Ballou WMEX Boston 1969. (15:14) Ballou was a legend in Syracuse, Buffalo and Boston, and might be best known for his work on Boston's WVBF.  Ballou died in 1977, at age 34.  Contributed by Mark Connelly from his collection. Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Jim Schultz WINE Danbury CT 1976. (12:44) As a student at SUNY New Paltz NY, I got a real kick out of listening to WINE at 95.1FM.  They were a great sounding tightly formatted AC station.  They simulcasted with their AM, which was actually 940, licensed to Brookfield, CT.  For the last 30+ years, the station has been known as Album Rock "I-95" with the calls WRKI.  My thanks for Jim for this neat memory of my college days.  Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Cousin' Bruce Morrow WABC New York 1967.  (21:00)  This Brucie aircheck was to be sent to battling troops in Vietnam, and a great show it was with Morrow at the top of his game.  Gotta love the way he says "after" and goes into that occasional falsetto for which he was well known. It's a classic, which all the spots left in.  Contributed by Mark Connelly from his collection. Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Phil Christy WCOP Boston 1961.  Sometimes it's just so interesting to hear radio from 50 years ago - this one is no exception.  It's easy to catch the reverb, jingles and staging - but it always seemed that moments where you'd hear two songs in a row were rare.  The ET's for the spots were seriously scratchy, too.  But, it's the "Gay, gay Phil Christy Show" and it's obvious Christy has a pleasantly dry sense of humor. It's also great to hear a teletype behind the newcast.   Donated to us by Mark Connelly.  Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Joey Reynolds WKBW Buffalo 1964. (10:10) Corporate downsizing took Reynolds off the AM airwaves at WOR in New York in 2010.  Many would be surprised by this date of this aircheck - and yes, it's the same guy.  Reynolds was an early influence on my interest in radio.  I listened to him nights on 'KB - sounding a lot like this aircheck, fading in and out a bit, but generally strong at my house in Waterford, NY.  You never knew what to expect from him - on this aircheck he brakes into an impression of Jack Benny, and apologizes for remarks he made about the Beatles.  For me, moments like those made him a joy to listen to.  Reynolds first radio job was in 1960.  He's one of the greats.  Thanks to Mark Connelly for bringing me back to my early teen years with this one.  Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Boston Radio Jingles 1955-1974 (Part 1: 48:04) (Part 2: 47:02)  Here is just about every Boston stations jingle you can remember (or not remember.)  WBZ, WHDH, and WMEX are featured in the first part.  The second part features more 'BZ, WRKO-FM, WMEX and WROR.  My favorites are in part 2... "WMEX plays hit number 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1-1-1-1..." - very cool!  Contributor Mark Connelly really rings the bell with this one!  Download Part 1 as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.  Download Part 2 as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Sky McDougall WTRY Albany NY 1981 & WFEA Manchester NH. Throughout the years, McDougall used several names.  He was "McDougall in the Morning" at WTRY from 1980-85, and Sky Stewart at WFEA.  He's been around the block and then some... check out his web site at http://www.skymcdougall.com.  Interestingly, at WFEA, Sky replaced the legendary Johnny Tripp in the night spot.  Download the WTRY aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.  Download the WFEA aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Jim Nettleton WCAU-FM Philadelphia... early-mid 1970's.  (3:57) We love getting airchecks from the great state of PA!  Jim Nettleton's body of work includes gigs at WFIL and WABC - and while at WABC, he voice tracked at WCAU-FM.  Besides Nettleton who is always sounds professional and smooth, this station was TIGHT.  Thanks to Steve West for this glimpse back to how an oldies station sounded in the 1970's.  Listen to a dial up version of this aircheck here.  Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Jim Kaye"The Big Tuna" WAQY Springfield MA Halloween Special 1980. (23:00) Jim's Halloween shows were always a lot of fun, and this one is no exception.  It features lots of sound effects and novelty records - in other words, it differed from that average, everyday format that WACKY 102 did!  Jim would arrive at the station with tons of records and carts he'd use for music and sound for the show.  It's a scary good time, and a donation from Jim Kaye himself.  You can still hear Jim, along with a whole bunch of radio folks doing it the old fashioned way - using carts, CD's and (gasp) RECORDS - on 5150FM.com.  Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Charles Laquidara WBCN Boston 1970. (16:11) Laquidara was a huge force in Boston radio, particularly in the 1980's-1990's.  From 1972-1996 He did mornings - "The Big Mattress" on 'BCN, then took the program over to WZLX for another four years before retiring to Maui in 2000.  Laquidara still has a website and blog at http://www.bigmattress.com/weblog/.  But in 1970, WBCN was free form progressive radio, and Laquidara's shifts included sound effects and novelty tunes.  My thanks to Mark Connelly for this, and for the many contributions he has made. Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE
Glen Stevens WAQY Springfield, MA 1980. (20:11) Glen did overnights, and then middays at WAQY during the "WACKY 1-OH-2" days of the station, before they went AOR (now Classic Rock).  Glen had a smooth and youthful delivery that was perfect for a station like WAQY, and he still sounds the same on 5150fm.com where you check out his WACKY 102 reenactment twice weekly.  Thanks to Glen Stevens for this great aircheck that brought back lots of memories.  Listen to a dial up version of this aircheck here.  Download this aircheck as an mp3 file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE.
Joe Martelle WROR Boston 1981.  (13:27)  Here's more Martelle!  Joe rockee with the oldies on the old WROR, and as evidenced in this aircheck, makes special connections with listeners calling in.  As usual, he's smooth and personable... a real "radio Pro" - which happens to be the name of Joe's just released book.  You can check out information on the book by clicking to www.bearmanormedia.com.  Buddy Rich Bosse recorded this 100 miles away from Boston, with his huge Radio Shack antenna!  Thanks Rich!  Download this file as an mp3 by right clicking here.
Jim Kaye WAQY Springfield MA 1979. (10:31) Here's a great gift for those nostalgic for the days when WAQY was Top 40.  Jim was the night star of "WACKY 102 FM" - upbeat, personable - just a lot of fun to listen to.  Thanks to WAQY's former staffer Glen Stevens for this aircheck he pulled off the WAQY skimmer machine!  Download this file as an mp3 by right clicking here.
Bill Pope Signs on WAFS Amsterdam NY 1961.  Pope was well known in Albany NY radio market in the 1950's as an announcer at WABY, where he played rock and roll records.  He left WABY to manage a brand new station WAFS in Amsterdam, NY, where he spent much of the rest of his life.  (The station was later WCSS.)  You can read a lot more about Pope on Bob Cudmore's web site.  Pope passed in 2002.  You'll hear that he was a professional broadcaster and a showman.  Thanks to former WCSS staffer Lloyd Smith for this historic piece of tape.  Download this file as an mp3 by right clicking here.
Larry Pecque WABY Albany NY 1961.  (18:15)  I was only 9 years old at the time of the recording of this aircheck, and I sure wished I had listened to WABY!  The Program Director at the time was Terrell Metheny, who had masterfully put together the tight format and station imaging.  They were a great station for 250 watts out of Albany. You'll get to hear jingles, a full 5 minute newcast, and production - with a number of spots being done by Chris Martin, who still graces the airwaves at the current WABY Mechanicsville NY at 1160AM. My thanks again to Lloyd Smith for this great snapshot of great early sixties radio.
Boston Bill WCCC Hartford, CT 1973. (48:19)  Here's an idea from the Promotion Department at (then)  Top 40 WCCC - jock locks himself in the studio, plays the same record over and over and states he won't leave the studio until he's promised a full time job.  It's one of those stunts that is supposed to get the public talking.  I have no idea whether this worked for WCCC - but the next I knew, WCCC was AOR.  Toward the end of this aircheck then Program Director Rusty Potz comes in and negotiates with Bill. The aircheck just leaves me - speechless!  It's another great gift from contributor Rich Bosse - thanks Rich!
Wolfman Jack WBZ Boston 1973. (28:56) The Wolfman made an appearance at WBZ's Grease Weekend in '73, and he pulled out the stops on this great aircheck - supplied by contributor Bob Swenson.  Swenson got to work with and hang out with the Wolfman during his career in radio.  I wished I could have been like Richard Dreyfus in American Graffiti - drive out to the transmitter site and find the Wolfman on the board. Thanks Bob!
Ron O'Brien WOGL Philadelphia 2005. (11:33) Another huge radio loss - first Jack Armstrong and now Big Ron.  I just happened to download this from somewhere a couple of years ago.  I discussed it with a couple of radio friends, because it was just so great to hear one of my favorite jocks from the 1970's, still sounding good. Ron spent a lot of time floating around the US, and had been in Philly for the last several years.  In the northeast, he did time at WRKO Boston and WXLO NYC.  There's now a lot written everywhere about Big Ron and his enthusiasm and technical skill - consider this more evidence of his talent.
Arnie Ginsberg WBOS 1958. (24:55) I was surprised as anyone to find ANOTHER recording of Arnie Ginsberg from the 50's - but here it is!  It's particularly interesting because the show was obviously pre-recorded, and for use two nights in a row.  Kinda like voice tracking, isn't it?  Anyway it's another stunner from contributor George Allen... thanks again George!
Lloyd Smith on WEEE Albany NY 1968. (13:31)  I am again amazed that audio people have.  This aircheck of Amsterdam NY radio legend Lloyd Smith from the long gone WEEE Rensselaer NY at 1300kc.  At the time, 1300  in Albany was a 5000 watt country formatted  daytimer.
Steve Warren WAVZ New Haven CT 1973. (7:32) Yep, here's more of the famous  "New WAVZ" (like  "waves")  a blast from a great station during the era when Warren was the Program Director. Steven himself believes this composite is from December 1973.  It's a great contribution from Andy Bologovsky.  Thanks Andy!
Allen Beebe WNBC New York 1985. (29:54)  An aircheck from the waning music days at 'NBC, with lots of music and Beebe enjoying himself. Beebe was one of the few jocks who was there from the beginnings of the Pittman format until the Dales Parsons' regime.  WNBC left the air on AM in 1988.  Thanks again to Matt Seinberg of Big Apple Airchecks for this great contribution!
"Pile of Feet" and "Eye of the Tiger" on WAVM Maynard MA.  (7:24)  WAVM is completely student run radio and television station situated in Maynard High School in the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts. You'll hear the end of the show "Pile of Feet" and the beginning of "Eye of the Tiger"  Contributor Garrett Wollman writes:  "This was recorded Monday evening (2008-01-18); I was sitting there in the parking lot for half an hour waiting for a legal ID, until I finally gave up and called the request line to ask for one... this could well be the only station these kids will ever be on." To me, this aircheck reminds me of my own high school days, and my own pirate station I had with my cousins and friends.  Some things really don't change!  Contributor Wollman operates the Boston Radio email list and corresponding website, www.bostonradio.org where you'll find all kinds of information and airchecks about radio in New England.  Thanks much, Garrett!  
Mike Hotaling WRCK Utica NY 1985. (3:23) Mike worked at WTRY, WQBK, WXCR and WFLY in the Albany market and at WAQY in Springfield, MA as well. WRCK was a Top 40 sounding AOR station in the Utica market that had immense ratings in the 70's and 80's. Thanks to Mike for his contribution!
Ken Gilbert WDRC-FM Hartford 1982. (6:06)  I don't know about you but I don't know when 'DRC-FM sounded like this... Top 40... and it's obvious that the tape is not one contiguous period of time, but still this is a great aircheck of Ken on DRC-FM before they were an oldies station.  Thanks to Ken Gilbert for this aircheck/audition tape/whatever!
Joe Martelle w/Cousin' Brucie WROR Boston 198?. (27:03) Martelle was the king of all things oldies during the 1980's and was a star of Boston morning radio on WROR, along with late Andy Moes.  But on this show, Joe lets Bruce Morrow take the reigns for a great show dedicated to The Beatles.  The aircheck was contributed by Bob Swenson, who has been a great supporter and contributor to this site over the years.
Allan Camp WDRC-FM Hartford, CT 1980. (3:43) Back when 'DRC-FM was marketing themselves as "Big D 103" Camp was a regualr on both AM & FM.  Now, he's Program Director and morning guy at WRCH, also in Hartford.  Camp's style is easygoing, smooth, and intelligent - perfect for Connecticut.  Allan Camp himself contributed this aircheck, and is another great supporter and contributor.
Arnie Ginsberg WBOS Boston 1956. (5:34) Holy Smokes!  It the Woo-Woo doing an early "oldies" show on WBOS, BEFORE he segued over to WMEX!  It's more subdued than his high energy act on WMEX, but definitely worth its weight in historical value.  Great Doo-Wop tunes too!  An historical contribution from George Allen, and we thank you!
Chris Randell WPTR Albany NY 1969. (8:31) "Topher" Randell started his radio career in Providence, moved on to WPTR to do nights.  He left WPTR to go to WKNR in Detroit.  Randell passed in 2006 from cancer.  Thanks to Dale Linden for this great contribution! 
Allen B. Shaw Jr. WPTR Albany NY 1966. (24:35)  An outstanding piece of tape - there's lots of reason to like it.  Tons of great WPTR jingles, production, commercials and newscasts all left in, and all that!  Shaw went on to work for ABC and developed WABC-FM as a an automated progressive rock station. You can catch a great picture of Allen on our blog.  There's more of Allen coming up in the future as well.  We thank Allen Shaw for this great aircheck!

Gary LaPierre WBZ Boston "The Day of the Beatles" (19:17) September 12, 1964 was the day The Beatles came to Boston, and this special, starring young newsman Gary LaPierre is a radio classic.  There excerpts of LaPierre's questions in the press conference.  It also features Bob Kennedy, and produced by Ed Lowe and written and narrated by LaPierre.  My greatest thanks to Bob Swenson for this piece of radio history!

WABC-FM "Love" Format, 1969.  (15:59) Here's MORE "Love" from the ABC O+O automated progresive rock format.  This aircheck, from late in 1969 seems to indicate that the format might have tightened up a little bit (less poetry, more music) but does include an interview with Roger McGuinn of the Byrds where he comments on doing concerts in South Africa.  The music is classic, commercial sounding progressive rock.  The contribution came from Allen Shaw, who pioneered the format.  Thanks again, Allen!
WBZ Grease Weekend 1973.  WBZ did it up right in '73 with a Grease Weekend that incorporated their current roster of air talent with past Boston radio greats and greats from outside of Boston.  The did it live from Paragon Park Nantasket Beach that really added a lot to the excitement and nostalgia of the weekend.  Here's three cuts of the that weekend effort.  The first is former WMEX Good Guy Arnie "Woo-Woo" Ginsberg with all the bells and whistles! (15:50)  Secondly, then WBZ personality Larry Justice obviously enjoying himself "breaking format" (28:31).   Finally, listen as Robert W. Morgan comes in from California for a shift (28:38).  The WBZ Grease Weekend in '73 was a real treat... and a testament to the way radio stations were run by big operators like Westinghouse in those days.     
Dan Ingram WABC New York.  Here's two Great airchecks of Big Dan from the 1960's.  The first is from July 1967 - it's about 1 1/2 hours scoped to a little more than an hour, so you'll hear the #1 song "Windy" twice!  All the spots and jingles are left in for your further amusement - Ingram talks through a lot of the spots and jingles. He even does a git with the "Hern".  Check it out, it is hilarious!  Second Big Dan offering is extra special from 1969 recorded off the board at WABC, so you get to hear Ingram with no processing or reverb.  It's cool!  We thank our two contributors for these airchecks - Jim Kaye for the '67, and Allen B. Shaw for the 1969.  Big thanks to you both!
Larry Glick WBZ Boston 1975.  We sure are proud to present these three tracks of Glick here.  Cut One (35:08) features Glick interviewing Captain Frank Mondas, they guy who's character was portrayed by Robert Shaw in the movie "Jaws".  Cut Two (22:18) is Glick just taking calls in the entertaining way Glick did. Cut Three (32:14) is more of Glick being Glick. It's all a kind of talk radio that is rarely heard anymore.  It was vastly popular. The quality is sometimes a little distorted, but it's choice Glick.  Contributed by Bob Swenson - thanks Bob!
"Imus in the Morning" Comedy Bits 1982. (8:22) For over 30 years, Imus was mornings on 660 AM in New York. Here's a few bits that ran regularly on the program back when Imus hasd returned to WNBC after being fired in 1978 and returning in 1980. They are performed by longstanding program contributor Larry Kenney, and (probably) written by sidekick Charles McCord.  A great contribution from Ed Somma.  Thanks, Ed!
WABC-FM "Love" Format 1969. (29:39)  Here's about 90 minutes of scoped audio from this ABC pioneered automated progressive rock format.  The format was designed to run on the old Schafer 900 series automation systems widely used for beautiful music stations.  The format ran for a couple of years on the ABC owned FM stations.  This contribution came from Allen Shaw, who designed and implemented the format for ABC after working as Assistant PD at WCFL Chicago and as night jock "Allen B. Shaw Jr." at WPTR Albany. I'd invite you to listen and make your own conclusions, but no matter what, the Love Format contributed to jump starting the revolution in FM rock radio.  My thanks to Allen Shaw for this fascinating contribution.   
Fred B. Cole WHDH Boston 1962. (11:28) Here's middle of the road early 60's radio at it's best!  A decidedly upbeat Mr. Cole did middays at WHDH during those years.  The aircheck features lots of jingles and commercials that will give you a feeling for listening to the station.  Cole makes a great comment on the building of the Prudential Center, as well.  The end of the aircheck features a promo performed, and probably written by the beloved Jess Cain.  May of 2007 marks the installation of Mr. Cole into the HALL OF FAME FOR BOSTON AND MASSACHUSETTS RADIO AND TELEVISION- and it's no wonder, he sounds great on this aircheck.  My thanks to Bob Swenson for this great aircheck!
Dick Robinson WRCQ New Britian, CT 1979. (45:29) Robinson is certainly a legend in Connecticut, best known for his years during the 60's at WDRC, and later as founder and President of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.  During the 70's, he owned WRCH and WRCQ - so naturally he got to do his own show on oldies leaning 91Q.  He now syndicates a weekly program "American Standards by the Sea".  This aircheck is of Robinson's return to the air.  It's another tape recovered by  Rich Bosse - our thanks Rich!
WDRC Hartford 50th Anniversary 1972. (7:14) Well put together by Charlie Parker and the crew at WDRC, this is a nice edit of old time radio, music programs, jingles and airchecks.  The Doolittle Radio Corporation signed on WPAJ, the direct decendent of WDRC on in 1922 in New Haven, CT.  Ed Brouder's web site www.wdrcobg.com is an excellent site that can tell you all about WDRC!  Thanks to Steve Tefft for this great contribution!
Jim Mendelson WSUB Groton, CT 1979. (10:26) Before they were CHR operation WQGN, they were WSUB (which lives on at 980AM.)  Mendelson has that sound of a jock who WDRC.  Our supplier for this old tape was Rich Bosse - our thanks Rich!
Ken Carter WCOP Boston Dance Party 1961. (10:05) The quality of this aircheck in terms of performance quality and audio fidelity is exceptional, and I'll bet you'll enjoy this live broadcast from the Victory Road Armory in Dorchester, MA.  What a way to start off a Dance Party... with  The Flares "Foot Stompin'! My sources tell me that Ken Carter is the father of Ken Carberry of Boston's Chart Productions and involved in family ownership pf Worcester's WCRN.  As a matter of fact, Carberry's company has the name of "Carter Broadcasting" and the "Carter Radio Network".  From my personal collection.
Happy Birthday Radio WCVB-TV Boston 2007.  (26:37)  (NOTE: Video Aircheck!) The Boston Radio community were all buzzing about this edition of the outstanding "Chronicle" nightly series on Boston's Channel 5.  Chronicle is the highly regarded nightly program locally produced at Channel 5 that puts its spotlight on just about anything.  (Channel 5 COULD be running "Wheel of Fortune", "Jeopardy" or some other syndicated fare, but instead offers local production each weekday evening at 7:30.)  This short documentary is jam packed with features about not only WBZ, but Connecticut's WTIC and WATR, New Hampshire's WFEA (thanks to the Man from Mars Ed Brouder), Vermont's WDEV and lots more!  It features Northeast Radio Watch's Scott Fybush, Emerson College's Donna Halper, and a host of others.  It's expertly put together by the folks at WCVB, with a wealth of photos, video, and airchecks.  It's my hope the folks at Channel 5 will be understanding of the importance of the posting of this wonderful material.  You'll need a high speed internet connection to watch this video, and it will only be posted until I run out of bandwidth!
Johnny Walker WAVZ New Haven CT 1975. (28:49) Here's more of WAVZ during their unmistakable heyday of the mid seventies, when John Long was PD.  This aircheck is of pretty good quality, and includes all the commercials left in.  Formatically, WAVZ was about as tight as any station... and often tighter than the New York and Boston powerhouse Top 40 operations.  Listen to how they go in stopsets... with just the call letters and a brief promo.  Out of stopsets with shotgun jingles.  No dead air... just forward momentum.  Compressed, energized audio quality.  This great gift from Andy Bologovsky is very much appreciated!
Mel Miller on WROR's Rock and Roll Reunion, 1985.  (25:57) Mel was a mainstay at WMEX through out the 1960's, and he was brought back to the air in '85 by then WROR PD Gary Berkowitz.  He plays some 50's favorites, some old jingles and sure is great to hear again - but the highlight is at the end of the aircheck, when he plays a clip of Jerry Williams throwing Republican leader Jack Boulsworth (which I'm sure is spelled wrong... feel free to correct me) out of the studio on the air.  All in all, this is great radio.  Thanks to Bob Swenson for the tape!
Richie Norris WFNY Gloversville NY 2004. (4:11) You gotta love this aircheck - Richie doing a high energy music format on a little AM in sleepy Gloversville.  (By the way... the calls really are WFNY... WFNY is of course in NYC!  Thank Richie Norris for the audio.
Wildman Steve Gallon WNAB Bridgeport CT 1961. (3:29) Radio archivist and station owner Dennis Jackson sent this great gift to us, and says "recorded at home in Westport by Clif Mills (now engineer at Cox Radio Milford)  and preserved by ripping to 33 1/3 transcription at the UN Recording Studio (state of the art for audio archiving the time) by Mike Fast, formerly of the UN staff, WINS, WMCA, also WICC and WTIC CE and now at WCBM/WEBB in Baltimore.  Normally, WNAB was buried at night 15 miles away in Westport, but there was nothing under them on this auroral night.  Nighttime on WNAB was leased to Steve Gallon, aka "Wildman Steve," who went on to program WILD in Boston and other ventures.  This is Steve introing a Stepin Fetchit comedy bit and telling a story after. Steve rode to the station on his Harley, and according to Mike actually brought it up the stairs to the lobby because the WNAB studios were in an unsafe part of town!       The tower was in Beardsey Park, and to get there, you drove past the Red Parrot Inn.      The patch panel at the xmtr site had positions labeled "Red Parrot Inn": and "Red Parrot Out"!  It was at WNAB that I first saw the mesmerizing flash of mercury vapor rectifiers in time with modulation.  It was a great station!"  Thanks to Dennis Jackson for another great contribution to NortheaastAirchecks.com!
WNBC New York Composite 1980.  (25:00) There's a lot of great stuff to hear on this aircheck, but I'll just list a few notables; (1) the first 14 minutes or so  is Imus - including bits that were a part of his show - Geraldo Santana  Banana, Moby Worm, Billy Sol Hargis and Imus in Washington -  plus veteran newsman/sidekick Charles McCord (who probably wrote most of the material).  It's quite interesting to hear the way Imus sounded then. There's also Johnny Dark, Allen "I AM" Beebe, Frank Reed, Michael Sarzinski, and Scott Bingham.  It's a gem, and a great contribution from Matt Seinberg, who runs the great and famous Big Apple Airchecks website.  Matt TRADES airchecks from all across the world with a concentration on the New York area.  We sincerely thank Matt for this great contribution!
Fenway WMEX Boston 1962. (8:08) "Fenway" was a commonly used "house name" by various WMEX staff, although this one is not Jack Gale as is featured on this website far down the page. A couple of listeners tell me this guys name is Ed Hider and that he was also at WCOP.  As for this aircheck, it's brief but great with a couple of bits and lots of early sixties jingles. Thanks to contributor Charles Pyne for this digitized WMEX!
Jerry Williams WMEX Boston 1960. (3:59)  Jerry was best known as the "Dean of Talk Radio" and was certainly a pioneer of the medium.  There's an excellent website at jerrywilliams.org you can check out for his history and great audio clips... the site serves Williams well.  I like this clip because it is from his early stint at WMEX, which was Top 40 (mostly) at the time but featured Williams and/or Steve Fredericks during late nights.  Charles Pyne also contributed this gem, and we thank him for his generosity.  Jerry makes his point in this clip... a point that still holds true all these years later! 
Jack Diamond WSPR Springfield MA 1963. (16:05) I was informed by the contributor that Jack Diamond later became known as SANDY BEACH of WKBW, WDRC and many other stations... and Beach is still on the air in Buffalo afternoons on WBEN.  This aircheck is particularly interesting in that it is a remote - a live broadcast from the Eastern States Exposition (the state fair for the New England states). The aircheck features tons of jingles, station promotions, mentions of the other "Big R" jocks (Dick Robinson is mentioned.) An interview with Tennessee Ernie Ford (who had a TV show on daily in those days) is featured in a major portion of the aircheck. It's outstanding and fun to listen to, and a great gift from Rich Bosse, Thanks Rich!
Neil Young WRCQ Hartford, CT 1975. (3:01)  There WAS on oldies station in Hartford before WDRC-FM, believe it or not... and was WRCQ - "91Q" at 910AM.  They did have some success up against WDRC.  Neil worked afternoon drive at the station, and featured other Connecticut radio personalities, including Kent Clark (from WDRC) and Dale Denver (now better known as Mike Adams of Boston's WEEI.)  The music was a mix of some currents and oldies, which was typical of the format in those days.  Neil Young himself was kind enough to provide this tape, which he used as an audition tape from those days.  Thanks Neil!
WKIP - The Good Life Story (6:51)  From 1969, this is a great sales demo for WKIP narrated by then program director Tom Shovan.  Contributor Bill Draper writes:  "It's called "The Good Life Story" sales booster and was produced and voiced by the late Tom Shovan who, as I'm sure you know, was air-personality and PD back in those days. He used to do one shift on  'KIP as Tom Shovan and another on WKIP-FM (Now WSPK) as Bill Starr. The program runs almost 7 minutes, all on one side of a 45. The flip side was a sampler of WKIP music."  Many thanks to Bill Draper for this Shovan-istic remembrance!

WBZ Boston Covers the JFK Assassination 1963.  (10:07) Here's some quick clips of WBZ's coverage of the day after the assassination.  Bob Lape is featured as a reporter, the other announcer is not identified.  Amongst the announcements were: plans for JFK's burial,  government office closings, and information on evidence of Lee Harvey Oswald. Contributed by Charles Pyne... thanks Charlie!

Long John Nebel with Jean Dixon, WNBC New York 1963.  (5:34) Nebel was a long standing overnight of New York radio from the 1950's through the 1970's.  He was first at WOR, then WNBC, WMCA and the Mutual Network. Nebel was fascinated by all things paranormal.  Dixon was best known for allegedly predicting the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In the May 13 1956, issue of Parade Magazine she wrote that the 1960 presidential election would be "dominated by labor and won by a Democrat" who would then go on to "[B]e assassinated or die in office though not necessarily in his first term."  This clip is of Dixon talking about her prediction.  For you trivia buffs, Nebels' replacement on Mutual was Larry King.  Contributed by Charles Pyne.

Joe Martelle WROR Boston 1981. (56:35)  Joe was a very well known and loved morning voice on WROR and WBMX during the 80's and 90's.  He also did a Saturday night oldies show on WROR, that was staple on their schedule for years.  Joe also shared with me  his history at WROR:  "Gary Berko hired me at the original ROR, as a 'fill in/weekender' in the summer of 79. I took over the 7pm to Midnight shift in October of that year and moved into AM-Drive in early 80. (Frank Kingston Smith's old slot --really big shoes to fill).I was solo until 83, when my former traffic guy, Andy Moes joined me in December of 83...Andy and I were together for almost ten years--lots of fun and exciting times!! I went solo again, when Andy left to do mornings solo at WEEI-AM in 93...I stayed at Mix-98.5 until Nov. 95---when I was hospitalized with emergency lung surgery. I was at ROR (later Mix-98.5) for a total of 16 years."  This aircheck is great in that you get a real feeling for Joe's personality and his gentleness with his listeners.  Three entire hours telescoped!  The contributor and producer of this aircheck is Rich Bosse, who originally recorded it in Windsor, CT (near Hartford) on reel to reel and telescoped it for the website as well.  Thanks much for this great aircheck, Rich! (Dial-up users: click here to listen to the dial up version.) (Download this aircheck as an mp3 by right clicking here. Tech notes: 128 kbps 44 khz 54 mb mp3 file.)
Ron Foster WAVZ New Haven, CT 1973. (12:00) This aircheck is right from the days everybody loved WAVZ... the years that John Long was the PD.  WAVZ was a high energy Top 40 on the AM dial at 1300. And what a station they were!  The aircheck features a lot (I mean a lot) of movie spots, Foster's ultra- smooth delivery, and you'll even here some of Charlie Steiner (yup, he was there then!)  I remember hearing WAVZ middays during these days, and being fascinated by the number of oldies the station played in this daypart.  John Long really knew what he was doing.  From the great aircheck collection Andy Bologovsky, who sits in the air-chair himself at WPKN Bridgeport, CT doing an oldies show. Thanks Andy... and there's more WAVZ and stuff from Andy to come!
WBZ Boston 65th Anniversary Clips, September 19, 1986.  WBZ is such a New England institution, and this celebration that took place 20 years ago was really something special.  I really wish I had the entire day to reproduce for you here, but instead, I just have clips.  It was without a doubt, a day for radio people and regular listeners to look back at the station's history.  If nothing else, it's amazing to hear recent voices - Anthony Silva, Gil Santos, and Gary LaPierre - and who is gone - Streeter Stuart, Carl DeSuze, Dave Maynard, and Larry Glick.  Each segment has most commercials scoped out, but where available, I left in great many segments of remembrances by WBZ staff, and jingles and promos, past and present. Segment One (17:39) is a clip of Dave Maynard's show.  The highlight is probably description of a hurricane in 1954 that took down the the WBZ tower and part of the building and cars in the parking lot.  The tower fell right across Soldier's Field Road.  No one was seriously injured.  The memory was done by Streeter Stewart. Segment Two (14:12) is Larry Glick.  In '86, Glick did an afternoon show from 1-5pm. Even from this short clip, you hear how engaging and entertaining he was. He comments through commercials at times.  There's also a Joe Greene traffic report. Segment Three (10:24) is back to Dave Maynard. Gary LaPierre offers his history with the station, dating back to the early 60's, and Gil Santos reports on the ill fated 1986 Red Sox.   Segment Four another Dave Maynard segment, it features remembrances of the previously mentioned hurricane.  Evening talker Peter Meade calls in. You'll hear about the pie throwing, and Eliot Abrams weather crew singing Happy Birthday. Segment Five is currently broken...   I'm working on fixing this - of Peter Meade. (18:17) He well describes a WBZ Music Survey from 1958, and features listener remembrances.  Segment Six (25:50) features Larry Glick, and a phone call from "Ted".  (You'll figure it out.)  Wait until you hear about the pie throwing!  Segment Seven (33:19) features David Brudnoy interviewing Guy Manella, famous host of "Calling All Sports" on 'BZ.  Segment Eight  (15:39) features David Brudnoy with Dick Pace.  The old days, with Carl DeSuze and the old Yankee Network, and post WW2 remembrances.  Listen, remember and enjoy all these great segments.  My thanks to Peter Kingman for supplying all this audio - some of which is poor in quality, but rich in content. I wonder if WBZ will do anything for their 85th birthday?
Charles Laquidara and Hawk WBCN Boston 1971. (22:38)  Here's a Boston radio legend, with many years at WBCN, and several years at WZLX. Laquidara's "The Big Mattress" was the classic morning show.  But in the early seventies, Laquidara was not as well established.  The aircheck is unfortunately distorted and was somehow recorded with annoying tape echo, but it doesn't detract from any of it... including the HUGE variety of music played (this is NOT classic rock, kids!) and the GREAT commercials (it starts off with a spot stating "...more of what you've been asking for... more Uriah Heep!) on this aircheck.  It's another far out offering from John McDermott, whom we sincerely thank.
Peter Wolf WBCN Boston 1968. (15:27)  If you've never heard free form 1960's radio, this is probably about as good as it gets!  Peter Wolf, by the way IS THE SAME Peter Wolf that was lead singer with the J. Geils Band, and had several hits in the 1980's (remember "Centerfold"?)  The music is mostly blues and oldies and you'll also hear a five minute interview snip of Elvis Presley, multiple records and  sound effects mixed together and put together with the aim of enhancing whatever drug experience listeners might be enjoying.  From the collection of John McDermott, thanks for the head trip John... I'm not sure I'll ever be the same!
Steven Segal WBCN Boston 1969. (13:12) Here's a great an rare aircheck of progressive rock 1960's radio.  It was the debut of The Beatles album "Get Back" (which of course later became "Let It Be".) and WBCN had a copy... a bootleg, or a tape, or something... and was premiering it on the air. Here's why it's neat... first of all, the jock, intelligent, music minded, informal and casual (he barely says the call letters, and not once says his name), dead air, technical problems, and as a plus, comedic drop ins and novelty records.  It's a great treat from Eric Hul... thanks Eric!
Boom Boom Brannigan with Joe Condon WYJB Albany 2006.(25:37) This salute to Brannigan seemingly came up unexpectently, and Condon himself seemed to organize it - somehow.  You'll hear "The Boomer' himself for part of it... along with interviews of Herb Oscar Anderson, Rick Snyder (who sounds the same as he did in the 1960's), and of all people, Dan Ingram.  Surprisingly, this tribute featured no airchecks of Brannigan. Condon is a bit of an Albany radio legend himself, starting at WABY in the early sixties during high school and then at WTRY and a long career at WROW.  I remember listening to the Boomer doing nights on WPTR.  There's a lot of testimonials, and the Boomer flings the corn.  And he sounds, well, old.  Still, it is rather sad to think that there may never be another "Boomer". 
Dick Durante WCOZ Boston 1984. (8:05) Someone could probably provide more accurate history than me, but it sure sounds like this aircheck was made shortly before 94.5 became WZOU.  WCOZ at the end was a rather laid back pleasant sounding AC station - a sure change from the incredible crash - and burn - of the John Sebastian days.  A sure fire winner from Kevin White... thanks again Kevin!
Rick Kelly WHMP-FM Northampton MA 1993. (5:30) Yup, my on-air career ended in Northampton.  WHMP-FM has had great success the last few years as WLZR, "Lazer 99-3".  I was there during the years following Cousin Brucie's ownership - when Robert F. X. Sillerman was the owner.  No surprise that this one is from my personal collection then, right?
Don Weeks WGY Schenectady NY 1984. (18:10) This is about as corny as it gets... but no matter... it's Don Weeks.  Weeks has been an institution in the Albany NY market for for over 40 years.  I remember listening to him in the early 60's when he did the nights on WTRY.  When 'TRY morning man Stan Roberts left for WKBW, Weeks moved into morning drive.  He also did advertising agency work, was the weatherman on the old WAST Channel 13, and did mornings on Albany's WABY.  Weeks has been on in the morning on WGY for over 25 years!  This aircheck is a live broadcast from outside WGY's studios on Balltown Road in Niskayuna NY.  The broadcast features a performance by a kazoo orchestra, and also features a couple of Albany market mainstays, Pete Williams and David Allan, who both made their mark on WRGB-TV In Schenectady, NY.  It sure is great to hear Weeks, and my thanks to Mikel J for this great and unusual aircheck!
Robert K. Oliver, WXLO New York 1972. (2:02) Robert was also apparently known as Bobby Finck on WWDJ, and there's a page about him at the WWDJ website, at http://members.aol.com/porcarocpu/bobbyfinck.html.  It's a short aircheck, but one filled with the energy that WXLO was then known for.  Shortly after of course, came 99X.  From my personal collection.
Mike Osborne WPRO-FM Providence RI 1974. (1:44) It's unfortunate this aircheck is so short, but "Mighty Mike" has been all over New England over the years, and currently has a pretty good gig at Boston's WODS.  But as a younger lad, he did nights for Gary Berkowitz at 'PRO-FM.  This gift comes through the generosity of Gary Tompkins.  Thanks Gary!
Phil Dee WHYN Springfield, MA 1961. (27:46) From the old days of Top 40 - with 30 second jingles, live reads on spots, tape echo, write in requests, juggling of carts, reel to reel tapes and ET’s, and all that “great” pre-Beatle music… these are just a few of the features of this outstanding aircheck of WHYN.  Phil Dee was a huge star of WHYN, and has been a mainstay of Springfield radio, appearing on WMAS, WRSI, and now at WIZZ Greenfield, MA.  It’s an outstanding aircheck from new contributor Rich Bosse.  It’s a WHYN-er, Rich!  
WKNY Kingston NY Composite 1972. (11:07)  WKNY was, and has remained, a well respected station throughout the years. In ’72, they were primarily an uptempo AC station that carried sports, some talk shows, and CBS news.  Kingston was a mighty interesting market in the 60’s and 70’s, with both Pat Holliday and Max Kinkel of CKLW coming out of the market.  Neil Young is a newspaper reporter now, and the whereabouts of Jim B, Jim Sullivan, and Mark Allen are unknown.  It’s a great flashback to small market radio, from our friend Neil Young… thanks as always, Neil!
Steve Bousquet WEAN Providence 1977. (13:57)  This aircheck of Steve is from the days of WEAN being an affiliate of NBC’s News and Information Service.  There’s a lot of Steve doing news on a snowy January day in Providence, and a couple of short blips of NBC’s service, which though ahead of it’s time, failed at the end of May in ‘77.  WEAN's sister station was the Mike Joseph-formatted WPJB-FM (JB-105).  Steve now works for the St. Petersburg Times, and worked at WERI, WKFD, WARV and WEAN before moving to TV news (WJAR, WPLG Miami) and then to newspapers. Thanks to Steve Bousquet and John Baker for this great contribution!
Mikel J WPYX Albany 1986. (3:02)  Mike was also known as Michael J. Raymond on WTRY, Mike Harris on WWWD, and Chet Arthur on WSNY in the 1960’s.  In the 80’s, he moved on to Album Rock at Albany’s powerhouse AOR.  Mikel J, still around and doing well, sent this piece of tape (and others) for which we are of course, grateful!
Sandy Beach WKBW Buffalo 1974. (5:55)  it was a sad day when the music disappeared from KB AGAIN in January 2006.  WKBW was riding high in ’74, though, and one of the stations real stars (along with Joey Reynolds, Fred Klestine, Don Burns, and Jack Armstrong) was Beach, who is still on the air in Buffalo.  Enjoy this aircheck, from KB’s “Great American Music Machine” days.  Listen for the “pop-top” jingle on Terry Jacks Seasons in the Sun.  The aircheck comes from new contributor Chris Johnson, who tells me this was recorded in Rochester, some 50 miles away.  Those 50,000 watters were something else!
Jess Cain WHDH Boston 1967. (27:56) Cain was a 20+ year institution of the old WHDH during the 60’s and 70’s.  His specialty was voices and drop ins, and he had several well known characters, amoung them, PR guy “Sidney Flack” (“and I’ll be back!”), “Jack Crack”, “Dirt Cloudy” and “Newton Wellsley”  This aircheck features Cain as a leprechaun, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Irish music, and Ray Walker on news.  I’ve left in the spots and the news.  Let there be no doubt: ‘HDH was a middle of the road formatted station, with instrumental music as a part of the regular music program, and an all night jazz show with Norm Nathan. Val Doonigan, Paul Mauriat, and the Ed Sullivan orchestra are all featured musical selections, with VERY sixties sounding jingles and commercials.    Contributed by Kevin White.
Brad Shepherd WLLH Lowell/Lawrence MA 1983. (8:27)  Shepherd has been a good morning voice in Springfield, MA for years at WHYN-AM and WMAS-FM, but he really made a home for himself at WLLH in the early 80’s. I was reminded of this aircheck when I recently read a flattering article about him a local paper.  Here he is, counting down the Top songs of 1982 on his regular morning shift. Contributed by Steve Ordinetz. 
WTIC’s 75th Anniversary.  Along with other radio folk, I was disappointed that WTIC didn’t wish to do anything to celebrate their 80th birthday, as we did here at Northeast Airchecks.  Luckily, WTIC alumnus David Kaplan recorded their 75 th anniversary on Ray Dunaway’s morning show.  There are three selections, with most of the spots and news edited out.  The first hour (29:20) features not only a great commentary from sports guy Scott Grey, but from not forgotten alumnus Bill Clede, who was the originator of the WTIC Alumni web site; engineer Bob Scherego; talk host Mark Davis; newscaster Al Terzi; “The Dean” sportscaster Arnold Dean, and of course, Bob Steele.  The second hour (40:06) features a significant segment with Bob Steele talking about the old days, live music, and ownership by Travelers Insurance.  Doug Webster, Kenn Venit and Steve Morris also chime in.  The third hour (39:52), Lou Palmer and Dave Wilkerson keep on going about the old days.  Contributor Dave Kaplan is webmaster to the WTIC Alumni website… a great place to review history of the personalities, and see great photos of the old WTIC.  Thanks, David!
Johnny Dark WHTT Boston, MA 1985. (4:21)  From our old friend Neil Young, here’s the much celebrated Johnny Dark famously of WRKO and WNBC.  It’s a great midday hour on a “Most Music Monday” toward the end of the stations Top 40 run.  Dark stayed on for the next format, AAA, when the station changed format to “WMRQ-Q-103”. 
Chuck Dube’s Production Reel. (3:03) Dube, Director of Engineering at WFCR Amherst, MA offered a couple of little gems for our listening pleasure!  First, hear legendary Joey Reynolds on WDRC-FM from the summer of 91, with a brief and funny bit, and then, an actual TV cut… of John Liske on CNN missing his cue. You can go to Chuck’s own pages on the WFCR website where he neatly explains studio transmitter links, audio processing, digital broadcasting, signal transmission, antenna placement and everything in between thanks Chuck Dube for contributing!
John Grasberger’s Production Reel. (13:10) Our contributor Mr. Grasberger attended college at RPI, and worked at WRPI, WFLY and WGY in the Albany NY market.  Grasberger was known for his successful transitioning of then classical formatted WFLY to a Top 40/Oldies hybrid in 1970.  This reel of “stuff” John collected during his Albany radio tenure will be particularly interesting to RPI radio folks, who comprise a big part of our loyal audience.  Radio historian and RPI graduate Dennis Jackson’s handiwork is all over this piece of tape, with first a bunch of spliced jingles used on the air, much of which features Den’s production and singing!  There’s also a blip from the WRPI 1968 sign off party, hosted by Jackson.  If you were a WRPI staff during this time, you won’t wanna miss it.  Additionally, there’s some Dan Ingram outtakes from an ID he did for WCWP at C.W. Post College, that must have been quite a thrill for the staff of WCWP.  Next, a news intro, probably one of the few pieces of production left from the WFLY classical days.  A program by and for Grasberger’s own show on WRPI (as “John Edwards”) follows, a WRPI ID done by Elliot Graham, a couple of groovy promos for Den Jackson’s psychedelic music program “House of Sound”; a “goodbye” speech from WFLY Top 40 jock Craig Stevens from 1971, and  finally a couple of bloopers from early seventies WGY Schenectady personality Hy Agens.  My thanks to John Grasberger for this great 60’s stuff!
Don Imus John Lennon Tribute 1980.  (4:51) On what would have Lennon’s 41st birthday, Imus broadcast this segment honoring Lennon’s memory after his tragic assassination on December 8, 1980.  Northeast Airchecks remembers Lennon – and Imus - from those days in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Lennon was of course a stunningly creative musician and social activist.  Imus, still on 660AM in New York, had recently returned to New York after his “exile” in Cleveland.  You’ll note Imus currently has moved to a more “natural” delivery, quite different from the way he sounded in this offering. 
Tim Culver WACZ Bangor ME 1982.  (3:42)  Here is our one and only aircheck from the State of Maine!  The former WLBZ-AM, “Z62” was (and still is) owned by writer Steven King, and was full out Top 40 for much of the 1980’s.  You’ll hear Culver counting down the “Top 81 of 81” on January 1, 1982.  Thanks to Kevin White for another welcome addition!
Neil Young WHUC Hudson NY 1973. (4:46)  Neil himself managed to dig this up from a pile of old tapes he has.  It’s a great aircheck that showcases the format, jingle (there was only one) and of course, Neil!  He’s currently out of radio working for a newspaper… but his radio career has spanned more than 30 years working on the east and west coasts.  Thanks to Neil Young for this great contribution! 
Mark Fuller Upstate New York Jingle Reel II. (5:57) Mark Fuller, who has contributed many times to us has again come up with a knockout!  Hear jingles from many long gone stations, some still standing – in this order:  WROC Rochester; WAUB Auburn; WOTT Watertown; WNYA Rochester; WENT Gloversville; WCGR Canandagua; WRVM Rochester; WENY Elmira; WFLC Canandagua; WSUA Albany; WBTA Batavia; WBVM Utica; WENY; WHHO Hornell; WTNY Watertown; WGGO Salamanca; WKRT Cortland; WECQ Geneva; WSOQ North Syracuse; WZOW Utica; WADR Remsen; WSEN Syracuse; WIZR Johnstown; WFRG Utica-Rome; WUFO Bufalo; WKIP Poughkeepsie;  WHEN Syracuse; WRUN Utica; WPAW Syracuse; WUFM Utica and WGVA Geneva.  Thanks to Mark Fuller for another great contribution!
Johnny Michaels WYNY New York Composite 1992. (4:24) From the Johnny Michaels who made a name for himself in Connecticut, here’s a high energy composite of WYNY’s country format, back when they were on 103.5.  The loss of the ‘YNY country format continues to lamented by many New York area radio listeners.  Thanks to Johnny Michaels for this great composite of his radio past. 
Harvey Warfield WCOZ Boston 1983. (4:46) Warfield was a mainstay of Boston area radio during the 70’s and 80’s, working at WVBF, WAAF, WCOZ, and WZLX.  With ‘COZ doing an uptempo AC format after the demise of John Sebastian’s “Kick AssRock and Roll – and No Disco”, Warfield proves that he can fit with any format. Even ones that feature Barry Manilow records!  Actually recorded on a cold day after Christmas in ’83,  It’s a contribution from new friend Kevin White.  Thanks Kevin!  (There's a lower quality dial up version here.) 
Sebastian WCCC Hartford 1992.  (29:11) !!PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED!! Sebastian has worked for most of the radio corporations in the Hartford CT and Springfield, MA areas… for Buckley at WDRC, Infinity at WZMX and Clear Channel at WNNZ. Sebastian is known for using “blue” material, and this aircheck is no exception (although a little tame by today’s standards.)  You’ll hear his longtime sidekick Diane yuckin’ it up in the background. New contributor Kevin White came through with this aircheck… thanks Kevin! 
WTIC Hartford’s “Welcome to Broadcast House”  (21:39) !!PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED!!  Put together in the 1960’s as an obvious joke, this production is a collection of on and off air bloopers… that is all VERY tame by today’s standards.  New contributor and WTIC’s alum Mike Hickoxx contributed this great and legendary production piece from a legendary station. 
Chuck Morgan WSVP Providence RI 1972. (5:10) There’s a lot of Chuck Morgan’s in the radio world, and I have no idea who this guy is… but WSVP from West Warwick RI was another of those stations trying to compete with WPRO. WSVP was an AM “graveyard” frequency station with 1000 watts day, 250 watts night on 1450. I thought they were cool because they were doing a fake “Drake” format. They actually seemed to be pulling it off, at least on this aircheck, from contributor Peter Hunn, who stated about WSVP: “It was literally in the "walkout" basement of a laundry and had both transmitters (main & backup) in the studio.  The view from of the window included the self supporting tower and historic graveyard surrounding that stick!”  Please excuse the distortion, I cleaned it up as much as I could. (Thanks Peter!) 
Larry Glick WBZ Boston 1986. (23:24) One of the most listened to airchecks EVER on this site is the aircheck of Larry Glick… and this one of Glick with on the air with a psychic on his evening show on WBZ is quite fun to listen to.  This one is from the vast archives of Peter Kingman.   
Dale Dorman WODS Boston 8/17/05. (16:58) Dorman has been a fixture in Boston for nearly 40 years, and is probably best known for the 23 years he spent doing afternoon drive at KISS-108.  He was also at WRKO during the sixties and 70’s, and WVBF in the 70’s.  He is now the morning jock at Boston’s oldies station, and still sounds great. This one is courtesy of Bob Nelson, who gets a big thanks for sending this off to me.  There’s a dial-up version of this aircheck here. 
Sue O’Neil WNEW New York 7/17/05.  (5:37) WNEW-FM has sure been through a lot of formats since the demise of their AOR format.  This month, they are “Mix 102-7” and the format is “Classic Dance Mix”. Sue O’Neil, who may be familiar to Connecticut listeners from her days at KC-101, is the jock.  There’s a dial-up version of the aircheck here.  
Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill WPLJ “Big Show” Highlights 7/17/05.  (38:43) Shannon is one of the few programmers who probably qualifies as a legend, mostly for his work at Z-100 in New York.  For years, he has programmed and done wake ups with Todd at ‘PLJ.  On Saturdays, they play the highlights of the previous weeks shows.  They also do some nice production, incorporating some digs at WCBS-FM “Jack”. There’s a dial-up version of the aircheck here.  
George Taylor Morris WWDJ Hackensack NJ 1972. (2:35)  As WWDJ promoted a countdown weekend, Morris did the all night show.  It’s a poor quality aircheck, but gives you a brief portrait of Morris, who has been known as  a former PD in Boston, New York and Los Angeles; host of “Reeling in the Years”; and is also credited for discovering the link between Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album, and the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. 
Peter Knight WGNG Providence RI 1973. (4:57) Our second aircheck of Knight (AKA Peter Hunn) from his stints in Rhode Island.  ‘GNG was predicted to perhaps crush, or at least meaningfully compete with WPRO, but was crushed themselves by not just ‘PRO, but WPJB as well.  Thanks to Peter Hunn for contributing some of his personal radio history!  
Bob Shannon WCBS-FM New York 2005. (11:35) There’s certainly a lot of places where you can hear some of CBS-FM, including www.101cbsfm.com and www.bigappleairchecks.com … here’s my own offering, a scoped afternoon drive hour I happened to catch on their webcast from March 24, 2005.  Not only Shannon is featured… there's a big piece of news with veteran newsman Al Meredith. Shannon sure was a high point of CBS-FM, and will hopefully be back on the NY airwaves soon… somewhere!  
Dan Martin WTRY Albany NY 1983. (9:24) Martin was the PD of ‘TRY from the early seventies until the 80’s and the presentation taken off the station skimmer is from ‘TRY’s Adult Contemporary days.  My thanks again to WTRY Morning Man John Gabriel for another nifty contribution!  
Carl DeSuze WBZ Boston 1977. Not only will you hear the great Mr.DeSuze, who did mornings at ‘BZ from the 1940’s until the early 80’s, but there’s a Don Batting newscast as well. There’s only a couple of records played, one being “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy. The spots, news and sports are all intact here… so to hear what WBZ was doing in ’77, listen here! Contributed by Peter Kingman
Bob McGonagle interviews Rick Sklar on WGCH Greenwich NY 1988 Part Three. The final segment of McGonagle’s interview with WABC’s former programmer Rick Sklar. This section features Sklar speaking about early format radio, and Alan Freed. There’s even a short aircheck of Freed included! Thanks again to Den Jackson for this contribution! 
Ken Gilbert WAQY Springfield MA 1980. Our second aircheck of Gilbert on the old WACKY-102, now known as Classic Rock “Rock 102”. Gilbert plays it straight on this aircheck, that features talk in an out of all commercial breaks, and famous WACKY shout. From my personal collection. 

KHJ Los Angeles Composite 1970.  It’s remarkable to think that 40 years have passed since Bill Drake and Ron Jacobs put switched KHJ to a Top 40 outlet.  The exact date was April 27, 1965.  This history of KHJ is well documented… in Ron Jacobs book, and in aircheck form on reelradio.com.  This extensive, but poorly scoped aircheck, originally from September 1970, was given to me in early 1971. I’m pleased to be able to help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of “Boss Radio” with this two part composite.
KHJ Composite Part One (10:56)
     Unfortunately, only the first 36 seconds of the composite is the great Charlie Tuna.
     The Legendary Real Don Steele starts at :39.  The energy, is of course incredible. 
     9:05 – The ultra cool Humble Harv, on from 6-9pm. (There’s more of him on Part Two)
     9:25 – Shadow Stevens on his regular shift, 9pm-12m.
KHJ Composite Part Two (16:36)
     Shadow Stevens, here doing afternoon drive, in an aircheck put up on this site in 2000.
     8:25 – Back to Humble Harv; amazingly, he used drop-ins!
     12:44 – Johnny Williams, all night midnight-6am
     14:41 – Sadly, only one break of the great Robert W. Morgan.
     14:57 – Broadcasting School owner Bill Wade, 9am-12n.
In raw form, my original dub also includes some airchecks of KRLA, KGBS and KDAY.  I believe it came from a guy named Rich Hogan, who worked at WTRY and WFLY in the Albany NY market in the early 1970’s.  Myself and then high schooler John Gabriel listened to this tape over and over again in those days.  As a young radio nut, I was captivated by the "Drake" sound... and it's never left me.  

Bobby Brannigan WPOP Hartford CT 1970. (:59) Before you start researching if Boom Boom Brannigan had a younger brother… know this is actually well known consultant Clark Smidt. Smidt spent years at the old WBZ-FM, WEEI-FM, WCOZ and WNNH. Clark writes: “This is a goofy minute from WPOP but kinda fun, when I was pulling an all-nighter as a senior at University of Hartford and GM of WWUH-FM. I have a ton of tapes...but they're all still on reel to reel....haven't figured how to put them on MP3, yet… Currently working with a few radio clients around the northeast and looking for more plus some other interesting opportunities. I miss the ownership of WNNH Oldies 99....but others are out there. Lots of ways to contribute to radio these days.” Clarks web site is www.broadcastideas.com, where you can learn more about him. Thanks for this Clark… looking forward to more! 
Greg Austin WVBF Boston 1975.  (8:18) If you can’t remember the days when morning drive meant one jock and one newsperson, this aircheck should refresh your memory.  Austin worked at WVBF during the time when the station was trying a Top 40/Album hybrid format.  They had one of the coolest jingle packages around, and it’s well featured here.  Leading aircheck producer Gary Tompkins gave this one to me… my thanks again Gary! 
Bob McGonagle interviews Rick Sklar on WGCH Greenwich CT 1988 Part Two. (21:42)  The significant interview with WABC’s former programmer Rick Sklar continues.  This section features Sklar speaking about early days at WINS.  There is a long discussion about faking remote broadcasts, and an aircheck of a NY Knicks basketball game being interrupted by the phone company that is outstanding.  Old time radio and of course, the Beatles also come up. My thanks again to Den Jackson for this contribution; part three will be here at NortheastAirchecks during 2005. 
John Gabriel with “Cousin” Bruce Morrow WTRY Troy NY 1989.  What a great time John had with Cousin Brucie in the studio one morning.  Brucie is a delight… a real showman, and John kindly lets him entertain.  Segment One (29:57) features Bruce relating old stories about his radio days, and plugs for his appearance on local public TV that night. Segment Two features calls from listeners, Bruce sucking up to WTRY management (then GM Carol Kelly), and remembrances of the Beatles.  It’s sincerely entertaining, and my thanks to my real cousin, John Gabriel, for this great aircheck. 
Pat Patterson WCOP Boston 1961. (18:29) It’s a joy to hear Patterson, who also worked at WPTR/Albany and WICE/Providence.  You hear some great commercials and jingles, newscasts (sponsored by Kennedy’s Butter and Egg Store) and Patterson’s talent.  Part of the formatic structure of the station was for the jock to talk for a few seconds between every commercial, as part of a transition I suppose.  This aircheck is a nice gift from our old friend Shannon Huniwell of Popular Communications magazine.  Thanks, Shannon! 
WTIC Hartford Switches from 500 to 50,000 watts 1929. The specific date was July 30, 1929. This historic recording IS AN ACTUAL AIRCHECK, recorded an Edison “Ediphone” machine (which was an early Dictaphone machine.) The Ediphone recorded on wax cylinders, and was of course not meant as an aircheck device. The recording was made by holding the mouthpiece of the Ediphone to a speaker that was wired to an air monitor. The original recording was transferred from the wax cylinders at some point by the WTIC staff to 78rpm transcription disks, which were the source of this recording. (You'll therefore hear a lot of pauses and clunking of the equipment as disks are reset and played. No matter - it adds to the charm.) The program itself celebrated WTIC's final sign off from their first transmitting site: twin 150-foot towers on the roof of the Travelers Insurance Company's downtown Hartford Grove Street building that supported a T-shaped, center-fed antenna. The next morning, they signed on their still in use Talcott Mountain Avon, CT site with 50,000 watts. This aircheck is divided into two segments. Segment One (10:09) features a speech by Walter E. Cole, Vice President of the Travelers who speaks briefly about the progress the station had made over the last few years and introduces a musical number by the 20 piece Orchestra conducted by Emil Heimberger. Mr. Cole waxes nostalgic about putting the 500w transmitter out to pasture. Towards the end of the segment is the final farewell from Mr. Cole signing off “formally and finally from the old station”. I've left some of the music in the aircheck, which you should keep an open mind about. (Music recorded on an Ediphone machine is a little like hearing music recorded on an answering machine, only worse. It's still amazing for 1929, though!) There's part of a selection from Wagner's opera “Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg”, which should be familiar to fans of Bugs Bunny cartoons. Segment Two (4:25) features an announcer describing how the program was recorded, which is quite fascinating, as he also notes the names of the engineering staff, and other people involved in the program. It includes much technical information about their old and new transmitting facilities. These historic airchecks were kindly provided by the Media Preservation Foundation.  We urge you to check out their web site, and lend your support!  
WTIC: “The Broadcaster at 40” 1965. To celebrate their 40th anniversary of broadcasting, WTIC produced a four hour long documentary about their history. All for segments are narrated by the well known WTIC announcer Dick Bertel. At the time of this production from '65, the station was owned by Traveler's Insurance Company (hence the T-I-C). Travelers ran the station like a major market station, with tons of staff announcers, support staff, engineers, musicians, etc. This documentary is made up of both oral and recorded history, with both local and national recordings are utilized. A significant amount of local news and history is covered, with notable moments including the horrific Hartford Circus tent fire that killed 167 people in July of 1944. Some WTIC employees that were at the station in the 1920's were still working at the station or recently retired in 1965 and are interviewed. Each segment is about 55 minutes in length. (The name of the documentary "The Broadcaster" by the way refers to a statute that was commissioned by the Travelers of a farmer "broadcasting" seeds.  The statue now stands in the newsroom of WTIC.)  If you are an old radio buff, you'll thoroughly enjoy this documentary. Segment One covers the early years of the station, from 1929 to 1935. In this period, the station went from being a non-commercial station, whose operation was completely subsidized by the Travelers to a commercial station. Interestingly, the station shared time with WBAL in Baltimore in the early years. Segment Two covers the years 1935- 1945. It features much of the “old time radio” kind of programming that was popular at that time, much of it locally produced. There's also remembrances of severe weather and the addition of FM broadcasting. The news of World War Two, and WTIC's coverage of local servicemen, was extensive. Segment Three covers 1945-1955. There's a lot more actual audio in this segment, as WTIC became more vigilant in archiving programming on 78 rpm transcription disks. The great Bob Steele became a more prominent announcer at the station. Events covered are the end of World War Two . There is one segment that could be described as quaint - a segment of live music programming announced by . And wait until you hear a segment of Allen Ludden hosting the show “Mind Your Manners”! Segment Four reviews 1955-1965. The stations civic and fund raising activites are emphasized, along with prominent news stories. There's a segment on WTIC's move to Constitution Plaza in downtown Hartford in 1961 as part of urban renewal. The segment ends with audio from an award ceremony with a speech by former general Manager Paul Morency (Morency had first joined the station in 1929.) along with musical entertainment from the ceremony. These historic airchecks were kindly provided by the Media Preservation Foundation.  We urge you to check out their web site, and lend your support!  
Bob Steele talks to WW2 Servicemen, 6/45. We can't celebrate an 80th anniversary of WTIC without offering any tape of the great Bob Steele, who passed away in December of 2002. During the 1940's, WTIC offered a series of programs called “The War Goes On”. Segment One (13:18) is the "War Goes On", hosted by Steele, and an obviously scripted program with two Connecticut servicemen and their adventures on the air craft carrier Franklin. Alfred E Amos of Hartford, and Stanley J. Olander are featured. Please excuse some occasional skipping of the transcription disk it was recorded on. Segment Two (3:31) is raw tape of Steele talking to two servicemen, 21 year old Charles Connor, from Homestead FL and 22 year old Henry Eaststrich of Booneville IN. These historic airchecks were kindly provided by the Media Preservation Foundation.  We urge you to check out their web site, and lend your support!  
David Brudnoy WBZ Boston 1986. (28:28) The broadcast world lost another legend on December 8, 2004 when WBZ talk radio host Brudnoy passed.  Brudnoy’s show was markedly different from many of the current radio talk shows, where posturing and positioning now seem to now reign. Not that Brudnoy wasn’t opinionated… he was a libertarian, conservative in some ways, liberal in others, both erudite and a man of the people.  His well publicized battle with Aids in the early nineties, and the cancer that quickly took him, were headlines in Boston media.  Dr. Brudnoy started on Boston radio in 1976 at WHDH, then, at WRKO as part of their talk format roll out in 1981 and finally, at WBZ.  In this aircheck, Brudnoy tackles some of his favorite topics: the state of public education, radio and even terrorism.  From Peter Kingman’s collection of WBZ airchecks.  Thanks Peter! 
Bob McGonagle interviews Rick Sklar on WGCH Greenwich CT 1988 Part One. (37:17) This aircheck is significant for two reasons. First of all, McGonagle passed away years ago, and was known from his work at WHN and WTFM. Contributor Den Jackson wrote me that "He had wonderful pipes and a rabid following in Greenwich, because he established a warm and fuzzy sense of community on his show. He liked to tweak those in power, and there are plenty of those in Greenwich, and so he was a kind of hero to regular working class folks. His show really was a "phenomenon" of sorts.  He was on from 7 - Midnight with terrific ratings.” After Den left WGCH, McGonagle went to mid days, and then was let go. “He was into his 60s, and never worked in radio again”  Secondly, this aircheck, which will be presented in three parts, is a significant interview with WABC’s former programmer Rick Sklar. WGCH was Sklar's first station after he hung his consulting shingle out after he left ABC's "Talkradio" network. The aircheck features remembrances and airchecks of Sklar’s career.  In this selection, Sklar plugs his book, “Rockin’ America”, offers his opinions on the state of radio in the 1980’s; his early years in radio when it was thought that “television is the box radio will be buried in”; and, an incredible 1956 “sting” operation perpetrated by WINS on competitor WMGM. My thanks again to Den Jackson for this contribution; parts two and three will be here at NortheastAirchecks.com during 2005. 
Johnny Michaels Composite 1972-85. (19:14) First of all, this is NOT the same Michaels who worked in New York at WOR-FM, WNBC, and others… this is the Michaels who has worked in Connecticut radio for many years, and is now out of the business. You're gonna hear a great retrospective of John’s career, and a real flavor for the stations he has worked at over the years.  He probably spent the longest time at Mike Joseph consulted WTIC-FM in the late seventies and early eighties.  In order, you hear John on WESA, Charleroi, PA; WWCO Waterbury, CT; WNHC, New Haven, CT; WCCC, Hartford; WCBS-FM, New York; WHYN, Springfield, MA; WRCQ, Hartford; WAQY, Springfield, MA; WTIC-FM, Hartford; and WDRC-FM Hartford.  Michaels even made the big time as PD of country 103.5 WYNY during the 90’s.  Thanks to Johnny Michaels for this great tape! 

Jay Douglas and Rob Friedman WRPI Troy NY 1971. (29:14) Technically entitled the “Jeff and Bob present the Rock n’ Jay “How Ya Doin’” Early Morning Wake Up Show” the show that was normally on Friday mornings for barely two semesters on Renselear Polytechnic institute’s FM station. This aircheck was of their last show together… ever. It includes, confusingly, a clip from the “Crusin’ 1961” album that featured WMEX’s Arnie Ginsburg.  It was originally recorded at very slow tape speed (1+7/8), but is in stereo… with Rob on the right, and Jay on the left.  Douglas worked at WPTR and Friedman on WFLY in the Albany market at the time. Many thanks to Douglas Fogg (Jay Douglas), for this is about as obscure an aircheck as you can get… but I’ll bet the audience of  RPI alumni will eat this one up.  It’s for you gang!  

Jim Garrett WACK Newark, NY 1977. (3:26) First of all, Newark, NY is just north of Canandaigua, and east of Rochester. Jim wrote me that: “I was in radio 30 years ago in a couple of small markets around Rochester… I send it along only for its vague historical interest in terms of how this little daytime directional sounded lo those many years ago.  The station had been moved to what amounted to a suburban ranch house a couple of years before this, from its long time location on the main drag in Newark.  It had decent facilities for a station its size and I think the management was trying to do something with it.  The GM, whose name escapes me, had once worked in Chicago.  The Sales/Station manager was brought in from  an equally famous "C" city, Coudersport, PA. :-) I was hired as the Program Director out of the equally well-known WWBK in Brockport!  But it was a fun place for the year I lasted there.  I'll never forget walking in the first day and asking one of the jocks how they managed the music rotation.  He pointed at a tilting pile of 45's and said, "We take off the top and put the played ones on the bottom."  It was hysterical.  Everyone was doing whatever they felt like.  Needless to say, they weren't happy when I cut back severely on their chatter and added a strict clock.” Thanks to Ron Dylewski for aircheck… we love these small market wonders!  

Cary Pall WBBF Rochester NY 1974. (14:20) Cary, currently with Saga and soon pursuing station ownership, was the night guy at WBBF, and he got to do a Sunday shift once weekly that you’ll hear.  Cary has worked in New York, Detroit, St. Louis, Toledo, Hartford… he’s been all over. Even in ’75, he dreamed of owning his own radio property.  We wish him much luck!  Enjoy this aircheck, that Cary Pall let me dub “back in the day”.  
Ralph Cooper WHOM New York 1963. (7:38) Dennis Jackson is a contributor of ours who has been with us since the very beginning, and he always comes up with sounds that are interesting and of historical importance. This one is no exception! About this great aircheck of WHOM, Den wrote me that "In those days, I think Cooper brokered the overnights. He also filled-in at least once in the evening on WMCA. He worked Sundays at WVOX (then WNRC AM/FM), and the story is told that one Sunday afternoon, some tough looking guys came to the door looking for him. The alert engineer told the guys a fib: that Cooper wasn't really there, he was on tape. They left without incident... Ralph was a classic dibble-talker, and he talked faster than more well known NY talkers like Jocko Henderson of "Jocko's Blue Rocket" on 1280/WOV (aka "The Land of Ob-La-Di and Ob-La-Da"). More like Jerry Blavat, "The Geater With The Heater" in Philly (though Jerry was Caucasian.)... I'd like to know if he ad-libbed this as he went along, like the Rheingold Beer commercial: "You know in the wee hours of the morning when the real jive goes down, you just don't wanna be no clown. You want to able to reach out and slap a can in everybody's hand, of the beer that's grand." Puffy, eat your heart out... In those days, WHOM's 4-tower array in NJ was attended full time.  The overnight engineer, Arnold, was referred to by Cooper as "Arnie the Hitter at the Transmitter." His studio engineer, George, was referred to as "Georgie-Porgie" as in "Let's needle that groove, Georgie Porgie and move. Come on George, open that pot and let him shout!"  The aircheck was made off the FM on my Wollensak in November 1963 at home in Westport, CT.  My thanks again to Dennis Jackson for his great radio mind, and for his reliable Wollensack!  
Dan Ingram WABC New York 1972. (12:20) The technical quality of this aircheck is about as bad as it gets, but Ingram is, as usual, just amazing. It includes Ingram’s usual wisecracks about… well, just about anything, and promo for an Elvis concert voiced by Harry Harrison. Listen, and enjoy.  From my personal collection.  
Jack Miller WCBS-FM New York 1980. (6:18) Miller was more known as CBS-FM’s morning man prior to Harry Harrison’s arrival from WABC.  It sounds like Miller had to come in at the last minute for Don K. Reed on the overnight shift this night. An interesting look back, as CBS-FM was then featuring “Future Gold” (current hits) an recurrents in with their staple of oldies.  
Bwana Johnny WWDJ Hackensack NJ 1973. (9:14) I’m really guessing on the year here… this aircheck is from a Memorial Day Weekend… Bwana tears it up counting down the Top 100 of 1969.  Some great production and jingles from a legendary station and jock. From my personal collection. 
Frankie Crocker WMCA New York 1969. (11:59) Crocker, who passed away in 2000, is featured here in the last days of WMCA as a music station.   Frankie became one of the WMCA “Good Guys” after doing nights on WWRL.  His career soared at WBLS in New York City, where he built the station into a powerhouse in the late 70’s.  He was also at WGCI & WNUA in Chicago; KUTE in Los Angeles, and WKKS in St. Louis. He hosted NBC TV's Friday Night Videos and was one of the first VJ's on VH-1.  It’s a mighty fine contribution from Gary Pedoto. 
Scott Muni WOR-FM New York 1966.  Sadly, Scottso passed away on September 28, 2004, and this aircheck honors his greatness.  Muni’s voice was heard on WMCA, WABC, and WOR-FM before his legendary 31 years at WNEW-FM. He was one the original WOR-FM jocks after their change to “Progressive Rock”, along with Jonny Michaels (who you’ll hear briefly on this aircheck) Murray the K and Roscoe Mercer.  This is a very rare, and wonderful aircheck – not only because of Muni – but the jingles, commercials and music also evoke a time just coming off an optimistic “The Summer of Love”. To this day, there are New Yorkers who mourn the passing of WOR-FM as an early progressive rocker… and now, we also mourn the passing of Scott Muni.  The aircheck, which is amazing and even in stereo, was generously provided by Gary West, who has his own great web site at www.mrpophistory.com.  My thanks Gary!  NOTE:  You can hear a well restored, higher fidelity version of this aircheck at www.reelradio.com.  I highly recommend it!  -RK  
Barry Commoner for President Radio Spot 1980PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED!  OK, there was Reagan, Carter, Anderson... and Commoner, running on the Citizen's Party ticket in '80. This spot, which actually features the word bullshit (Twice), was caught by contributor Thom Richards as played on WDOT Burlington VT during an ABC news feed. Who knows how many times it aired, but the fact that it even made it on the air (and on a network) seems incredible. Commoner helped pioneer the modern environmental movement, is the author of nine books, including The Closing Circle (1980), one of the first books to point out the high environmental costs associated with American technological development. He got a total of 232,538 votes nationally in the 1980 election.  Thanks again to Thom Richards for this bit of radio - and American - history.  
Gary Berkowitz WPRO-FM Providence RI 1974. (2:24) An aircheck from the very early days of PRO-FM, with then PD Berkowitz. Gary occasionally sends correspondence to us… and I'll bet he’s real pleased to hear himself on PRO after all this time. From Gary Tompkins never ending collection of airchecks… thanks again Gary!  
Michael J. Raymond WTRY Albany NY 1967. Mike is an Albany and Binghamton radio vet, having worked at 'TRY, WWWD, WSNY (as Chet Arthur) and WPYX in the Albany market, and at WENE and WKOP-FM in Binghamton. This aircheck, which was originally recorded by Albany DJ Rich Morris, was recorded primarily to catch as many of the stations jingles as possible - you'll therefore occasionally hear Raymond get cut off. You'll also hear then teenager Bob Hall doing the news (last I heard, Hall was working for ABC), and Jay Clark doing a spot for "Mr. Hot Dog". It's a gem, and a donation from Andrew MacKenzie, webmaster and curator of two great websites, CAPITALGOLD.ORG and FIFTEENFORTY.COM. Thanks for this keen contribution, Andy!  
Mike Harris WWWD Schenectady NY 1981. He's gone under the names of Michael J. Raymond and Mikel J., but he really is the same guy as Micheal J. Raymond. Mike spent many years at WWWD, the former WSNY with 1000 watts at 1240. Thanks to Mikel J himself for sending this one out to me!  
Mark Fuller WALY Herkimer NY 1975. Here’s another great snapshot of small market radio in the Mohawk River Valley of upstate New York. It’s the Sunday Serenade with Fuller as the host, and it features old Mutual Network news, lost dog announcements and instrumentals up to news time. WALY/1420 is now WNLS, an ESPN radio affiliate. 
Mark Fuller’s Upstate New York Jingle Reel. There’s a ton of WALY jingles here, along with WOLF, WNYR, WOSC, WPTR, WCSS, WKBW, WHFM, WTRY, WROW, WGY WTLB, WACK and much much more!  Mark Fuller was kind enough to contribute these beauties! Enjoy! 
Don Perry WTLB Utica 1975. A neat little station with a bad signal, ‘TLB was a Top 40 market leader in Utica for years until WRUN cleaned their clock at about the time of this aircheck. Perry later did time at WRUN, WTRY and others in upstate New York. Perry is reportedly selling real estate in the Rochester area. 
Mike Phillips WWDJ Hackensack NJ 1972. (5:24) Phillips worked at ‘DJ for nearly much of its history as a Top 40 station from 1971-1974.  ‘DJ was the little station that challenged WABC and WOR-FM/WXLO.  Whether the station was a success has been debated endlessly… but fact is the station changed format to religion in 1974. By the time ‘DJ switched, Phillips had already gone over to WXLO.  What maybe another significant fact is that Phillips eventually landed at KRTH in Los Angeles, and in the early 1990’s with consultant Bill Drake, built K-Earth into a powerhouse oldies adaptation of the old KHJ.  Drake and Phillips brought in Robert W. Morgan and the Real Don Steele to complete the package, and a new legend was born. Phillips retired from KRTH a couple of years ago. This aircheck, with the added bonus of tape swish, is from my personal collection. 
Mike Phillips WXLO NYC 1973. (13:38) This is actually a composite recorded in both August, and then October of that year.  You’ll hear, at about 8:50, a change in jingle package that all the RKO stations went through with the departure of Bill Drake, and Paul Drew assuming the position of consultant to the RKO stations.  By 1974, ‘XLO had become 99X. Thanks to Gary Tompkins for these airchecks, which were recorded in Massachusetts via DX. 
Rick Kelly WHDQ Claremont NH 1987. (5:34) While working to further his career in Social Services full time, yer buddy Rick did some very occasional part time at then Top 40 Q106 for PD Ken Barlow. "The Q" had some great JAM Productions jingles at the time, and you'll catch some here!  By the way... Barlow went on to be in charge of programming for Vox Radio. Rick went on to be in charge of northeastairchecks.com! 
Mark Driscoll WBBF Rochester NY 1974. (7:44) Mark Driscoll has made a name for himself over the last decade or so as a nationally known production voice, but in the 1970’s Driscoll worked as a jock and PD and many stations.  His resume has got to be overwhelming… he’s worked at WOR-FM, WRKO, WWDJ, 13Q and WNBC to name just a few. ‘BBF under Driscoll was a direct copy of much of what had already happened at 13Q in Pittsburgh a year or so before, including sped up records, tons of audio compression and high energy delivery. Driscoll’s station promos were loaded with state of the art (for 1975) production techniques. Neil Young airchecked this one on his trusty Radio Shack cassette machine.  Thanks Neil! 
Dick Summer WBZ Boston 1968. (25:19) Summer’s easy going style is easy to take on this aircheck, that does have some noise and static through it.  There’s also a lot of great commericials from American Motors, Esso, Rustoleum, Chevrolet, Buick, Ultra-brite, Castro Convertibles, Muzzy Ford City in Needham, and Double-mint Gum.  Was ‘BZ Top 40 or adult contemporary at this time?  Hard to tell.  Joe Fazio contributed this Boston relic… I sure do appreciate it Joe! 
Tom Casey WHTT Boston 1984. (2:24) Casey was well known in Albany NY market circles, as he worked at several stations, WOKO, WFLY and WGFM.  He also got out to Boston to do Top 40 at 103.3 FM.  Casey is still in media, doing sports TV in San Diego. He was kind enough to run this off on a CD for me… thanks Tom Casey
Alan Freed WINS New York 3/5/55. (26:24) It’s just remarkable to hear this aircheck of Freed. The original recording on this one is noted as being made on a wire recorder, and sounds like it was made with a microphone.  Freed made his debut on WINS only six months earlier, and made HUGE splash playing music by mostly black artists wherever he went including Akron and Cleveland, OH. At the time of this aircheck, had just come off a successful rock and roll show in New York in January.  The aircheck is full of mailed in and telegrammed dedications to listening teenagers who are now undoubtedly now in their 60’s. Freed’s much imitated cries of “Oh!” and “Ho” are heard throughout, and note how Freed gives title, artist, and record label for each selection. Interesting that Freed rarely said the call letters… I only count three times on this aircheck! Freed was nothing short of a pioneering talent, a person who loved being on the air and loved the music he played. My greatest thanks to "Big Tuna" Jim Kaye for these airchecks of "Mr. Rock and Roll"! 
Alan Freed WABC New York 11/5/59. (16:43) “Easy Listening” WABC(?) hired Freed immediately after his  contact expired with WINS in the spring of 1958.  Not only do you get to hear a much subdued Freed on this aircheck, but some WABC jingles, commercials (live and recorded), Freed’s characteristic pounding on the table to the beat of the music, and the requests and dedications. Freed obviously used a speaker in the studio instead of headphones, which was common in those days. There was also an obvious reverb control that he could turn off and on for emphasis. Freed was fired from WABC about two weeks after the date on this aircheck, after refusing to sign a statement stating that he never accepted payola. Thus began Freed’s downward slide. As much as Dick Clark came out the darling of the 1950’s payola scandals, Freed sadly became the “poster child”, and after working in Los Angeles and Miami, died in January of 1965 at the age of 43 of gastrointestinal bleeding and cirrhosis of the liver, related to apparent excessive drinking. There’s tons of information about Freed at www.alanfreed.com.  Unfortunately, this aircheck is partially riddled with what sounds like tape print through (of perhaps another aircheck backwards) through part of the middle of the tape. Thanks again "Big Tuna" Jim Kaye for these outstanding pieces of rock and roll history!   
Nick Diamond WLLH Lowell-Lawrence MA 1971. (9:03) This marginal quality aircheck features WLLH rocking out, playing Led Zeppelin. They were a pretty tight Top 40. WLLH alumni Dave Faneuf says that Diamond spent a number of years at WLLH, and is still in the Lowell area, running a production company. 
Jim Stevens WLLH Lowell-Lawrence MA 1966. (20:07) Don’t miss this excellent aircheck of the evening shift on full service Top 40 WLLH.  It’s authentic in every way… besides hearing Stevens enjoyable and smooth delivery, you’ll hear lots of station production, jingles, newscasts, spots, cue burned records, switches being thrown, carts being juggled and re-cuing… it’s just a wonder!
Daniel T. Guy WLLH Lowell-Lawrence MA 1977. (5:45) ‘LLH had added reverb by 1977, and this aircheck also delivers authentic sound of WLLH – spots and production are left in, and take up most of the aircheck. It sounds like ‘LLH had drifted more towards AC at the time. 
Jack Peterson WLLH Lowell-Lawrence MA 1980. (6:37) The station had taken a definite turn towards AC, and called themselves “14LLH” by the time ’80 came along.  Peterson spent years at ‘LLH, and is now at WBSM in New Bedford, MA. 
Billy James WEEX Easton PA 1977. (5:13) How great to have another aircheck from Pennsylvania!  Bill James has worked his way through much of the northeast (and also made an appearance in California) over the last 25 years… he’s currently at WSUL in Monticello NY.  I well recall hearing the Easton market in 1970, and being favorably impressed, and it seems that the trend continued until (at least ) ’77.   It’s medium market, it’s got reverb, and it’s got energy.  Pretty much what it’s all about!  Thanks to Bill James for the great aircheck! 
Rick Bennett WTRY Albany NY 1971. (6:49) It’s morning drive in the Albany market, with J.W. Wagner on competitor WPTR and Bennett on ‘TRY.  You’ll catch some of ‘TRY’s TM jingle package, a lot of talk and little music.  There’s an unconfirmed rumor that Bennett passed away some years ago. Thanks to aircheck ace Neil Young for this one!  
Larry Glick WBZ Boston “The Orangutan. (9:28) Certainly Glick’s show overnights on WBZ was out of the ordinary, and is the kind of talk radio show that probably isn’t heard anymore. The caller reads a story about an orangutan, adopted as a pet, where things go from bad to worse.  Glick and the caller laugh so hard it’s becomes contagious! For those who don’t remember Glick, his show had a little bit of everything - hypnotism, comedy bits, call ins – and had a huge following. From the late 1970's, and contributed by Charles Dean. My thanks!  
WTYM East Longmeadow, MA Jingles~1970's. (8:00) To accompany an article by Shannon Huniwell in the March 2003 issue of Popular Communications Magazine "Shannon's Broadcast Classics", here's some jingles and production from the old 1600kc AM in Northeast Airchecks home in the Springfield, MA market. The jingles are... well - sleepy, but well sung. The production was well meaning and well targeted. But in the mid-seventies, the FM beautiful music stations, like WHYN-FM and WRCH-FM overshadowed little AM's like WTYM.  These jingles and production bits certainly though well represent the era and beautiful music format, which has nearly disappeared from sight. My thanks to former 'TYMer Gary Tompkins Shannon Huniwell and Popular Communications Magazine for partnering up on this one!
WAXC Rochester NY Composite 1973. (4:53) In 1972 WHEC morphed into WAXC and enjoyed a several-year run as Rochester's second CHR. In this 11/73 aircheck, WAXC - programmed by Larry White - sounded like they were cleaning WBBF's clock. Of course 'BBF came back under Mark Driscoll and eventually drove WAXC out of the format. You'll hear night jock Dave Mason, Dave Slade overnights, and, briefly, morning maven Larry Black and midday jock Bob Scott, as well as part of a WAXC newscast. By 1979 WAXC and call letters...as AC 3WG (WWWG). Interestingly, Larry White was still PD. Thanks to Neil Young for this fine contribution.
WGRQ Buffalo Composite 1973. (3:04) WGR's FM went Top 40 around 1972.  They were a "Drake" clone. and you'll notice the basically clean, concise delivery from night jock Roger Christian (who's labored in the Buffalo market for years) and midday jock Jim Fox. The station has gone through several sets of format changesboth in and since the 70's... they are now "97 Rock" WGRF. Compliments of contributor Neil Young's Radio Shack cassette machine.  
Dick McDonough WCFR Springfield, VT 1967.  He's a Connecticut radio legend, and still on the air at WMAS Springfield MA, but in '67, he was getting his feet wet in Vermont at WCFR, and prior, WIKE.  Dick was never a stranger to New England, having worked in Laconia and Manchester NH prior to landing at of course, WDRC Hartford, CT.  This aircheck is about one and on-half hours untelescoped in “real time”... and the total telescoped time is still over 45 minutes. It's got lots of jingles, spots, and production elements, and is split into three segments. (1) (14:25) features a straight aircheck of McDonough taking dedications, and features a five minute newscast; (2) (18:48) is a 15 minute program that was a feature every Saturday, "Record Roundtable". McDonough is the host, with three high school aged kids ranking the records (none of the records became hits.) It's typically teenage - awkward and funny.  One of the three kids, "Larry" s on McDonough's smoking habit, and McDonough flusters a bit.  (3) (12:57) goes back to straight aircheck again... but check out the dedications, and the way McDonough answers the phone on the air.  Sam Ward is one of Northeast Airchecks most devoted listeners, and we thank him (and in turn, "Man from Mars" Ed Brodeur) for this entertaining 'check.  
Dick McDonough WMAS Springfield MA 2003. (8:29) Here's McDonough, 37 years later doing the midday shift. He's still amazing... smooth, upbeat, tight and entertaining. I just added this to my personal collection!     
Allan Camp WCFR Springfield VT 1979. (2:16) Camp, now the PD and morning guy of WRCH Hartford, CT was at 'CFR during the years they were owned by Sconnix. And even though WCFR had some great moments as a community oriented Top 40 station, they were particularly known for cultivating young talent when they were Adult Contemporary from 1974 into the 80’s. Camp came out of Rutland VT, and was a well known WDRC jock during the “Rock ‘n’ Gold” format in the 80’s. He’s as smooth and personable sounding on the air now as he was in 1979.  WCFR has taken back the call letters that were original to Springfield, VT - WNBX - and is now running a "real oldies" type of format.  I'm always hoping they will call me back to Springfield to do some voice tracking for them!  Thanks to Allan for this contribution. 
WICC Bridgeport CT "Modern Broadcast Sound" Jingles ~1960. One of our most dedicated contributors and listeners, Dennis Jackson said that "These are off a 16" transcription recorded at "Modern Broadcast Sound" at 720 Barnum Avenue, Stratford, CT, before anyone had ever heard of a jingle Mecca called Dallas. WICC billboards on the brand new Connecticut Turnpike in New Haven (aka I-95) touted "Good Listening from here to NYC!" These jingles are from the very early 60s, when WICC referred to their coverage as "The Five-County Area", even before they became "Service Six" and filled the airwaves with the likes of "Harold Peters with birds for Service Six" and the late, great "Anna Baum Skane." Jocks included "Franklin D" (Delfino), "Your Man Around The House", Harry Downie, Bill Coddaire, Dick Alexander, Carl "Jerry Knight" Olimpieri, Frank Derak, Richard Ward Fatherley, and later Bob "Jim Jordan" Lasprogato, later PD at WJAZ and then WREF.   Newsmen were Steve Young and Christopher Glen (both now at CBS for decades) and Tony Brunton.   PD was Phil Cutting for part of this era."  I couldn't agree more that they have a cool early sixties sound... especially gotta love that "HI-FI!"  CT radio buffs should also check out WICC's web site, which has tons of history of the station... unusual in this day and age.  Thanks again, Den for another superb contribution!
Peter Knight WPRO Providence RI 1975.  Knight (AKA Peter Hunn) has kind of a colorful radio history, putting in time at WGNG and WJAR, and this tape of WPRO as an adult contemporary station is revealing of their personality driven format.  Knight/Hunn later went on to work at WNLC in New London, CT - and in the early eighties bought his own station; WHRC in Port Henry NY.  Hunn now does some free lance writing, especially for Popular Communications Magazine, and teaches at the State University of New York at Oswego, New York.  Thanks Peter for giving us another Providence contribution.  We certainly don't get much material from the Ocean State, and would love to see more! 

Robert J. Boogie WPRO-FM Providence 1974. Fresh from their format change from beautiful music to Top 40 - and with no jingles and reverb (that apparently came later), this is PRO-FM in their infancy. WPRO-FM was programmed by the now famous Gary Berkowitz in '74. Of course, PRO-FM continues to be a Top 40 powerhouse, crushing competitors, nearly 30 years later!  The jock, Mr. Boogie, I'm pretty sure was known as "Bobby McGee" on WTIC-FM some years later (but iwthout the fake Wolfman Jack imitation).  At any rate, I'm sure Robert J.'s parents, Mr. And Mrs. Boogie, are very proud. Gary Tompkins contributed it, and you're gonna love it!  

WRPI Albany NY Production Reel 1970. (3:27) The non-commercial station operated by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy NY shifted from operating 700 watts from an antenna mounted on a college building to 20,000 watts from the tower of a former TV station (Channel 41, for anyone whose interested) in 1970.  This contribution from former RPI student and long time air talent Doug Fogg (J. Douglas) features both Fogg and Rob Friedman as the promo voices; a promo for WRPI’s all request show, and anti-Vietnam war PSA, and the WRPI sign off, voiced by alumnus Chuck Phelan.  Thanks to Doug for taking us back to underground college radio! 
Chris Warren WTRY Albany NY 1990. (4:46) Warren has been an Albany radio fixture for the last 30+ years at WSNY, WKAJ, WGY, WGNA, WRVE, and at WTRY... twice!  Warren is still on 'TRY, and is the Auction Manager at Albany public TV WMHT.  It's a slice of the times, complete with Dan Quayle jokes and lots jingles.  Thanks to Chris Warren for this memorable contribution.
Dean Anthony WWDJ New York, 1972. (3:37) Upon reading about the death in late October of Dean Anthony, I remembered I had some snippets of him on 'DJ, and after considerable searching, found what little I have.  Probably best known as being one of the WMCA "Good Guys" in the 60's, Anthony put in many years as PD of WHLI on Long Island.  Anthony was the kind of jock who fit right into to whatever format he was working, and on a tightly formatted station like 'DJ was, he sure made it sound easy.  From my personal collection.
Harvey Warfield WVBF Boston 1974. (4:25)  The ultra-cool ‘VBF, and popular Boston area voice are together on this tape of snippets from an evening shift.  Warfield, significantly hyper on this aircheck, lets loose and has fun on this aircheck that also feature the famous WVBF jingles produced by Heller.  This is another segment in the continuing collection of airchecks from former WAQY employee Gary Tompkins.  Thanks again, Gary!   
WTFM New York Composite 1979.  (12:51) During the 1970’s there was a huge migration of so called “Beautiful Music” stations to “Easy Listening”.  WTFM was one such station that enjoyed high ratings as a Beautiful Music in the early seventies and saw their audience slowly age and erode.  Switching to Easy Listening, as it was called then, was a way to attract younger demographics while hopefully keeping the older.  But WTFM was to become an also ran to competitors WRFM and WPAT, and became WAPP (which became an also ran AOR), then WYNY, WQHT (Hot 103.5), and now the highly successful WKTU.  The top hour ID will evoke perhaps some unpleasant memories (“From the Top of the World Trade Center”) and the intact newscasts will clearly reflect the troubles of the time, including a New York City fiscal crisis, and the events of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster.   Jocks Bill Crowley and John Vitiver are featured. Matt Seinberg of “Big Apple Airchecks” has a huge collection, and contributed this one - many thanks Matt!  
Don Perry WTRY Troy NY 1979. (2:51) Twice a Billboard Magazine DJ of the Year, Perry, who graced the airwaves at WRUN, WTLB, KSO Des Moines, the Sconnix stations in Oneonta NY and WVOR Rochester, got out of radio and into Real Estate.  According to contributor Jeff Moulton, Perry still dreams of that next big gig – as owner of a station.  Thanks for letting us hear Perry, and WTRY in ’79 again Jeff!  
Ron Robin WVBF Boston 1974.  (4:05) Contributor Gary Tompkins writes:  "After his departure from WMEX, and before his career at WBZ, Ron was a mainstay at Stereo 105. Ron’s shows were always light-hearted and upbeat and this aircheck is no exception. Although no longer in radio, as the owner of a Provincetown restaurant and nightclub he is still in touch with music, booking many regional acts." Thanks for this high fidelity champion, Gary!   
Al Bandiero WIFI Philadelphia 1975. (3:29) Radio didn’t get much more high energy than WIFI.  Bandiero, fit the bill!  WIFI went the way of most of those high energy teen oriented operations… but it still amazing to hear to hear the skill and precision used to carry off that energy.  Matt Seinberg of Big Apple Airchecks contributed this great clip… Thanks Matt!    
Paul Flanigan WTRY Albany NY 1956. (8:55) Flanighan was a major personality in the Albany market in the 1950’s and early sixties.  He worked at both ‘TRY and WPTR throughout his career, and even attempted a comeback in the 1970’s. Interesting aircheck, in that this doesn’t even come close to what I expected to hear.  ‘TRY was a rocker in ’56, but you’d never know it by listening to this aircheck. The music leans decidedly MOR, and Flanighan’s delivery is slow and chatty.  Thanks to Neil Young (by way of aircheck hound Greg Pattenaude) who wonders, as do I… is this the way ‘TRY sounded overall in 1956?  
Greg Daniels WBMX Boston 2003. (5:55) Specifically recorded 5/21/03 during what was probably the worst rating book ‘BMX has had in a long time.  Daniels had been with station for many year, and always puts out a good product; ‘BMX’s music has been legendary, pioneering the “Modern AC” format. Daniels move to NYC on Mix 102.7 in 2004.  Amazingly, there’s some dead air on the aircheck. From my personal collection.  
Damon Scott WTIC-FM Hartford CT 2003. (16:57) Scott’s been with the station a long time… that I know of, over ten years.  I’ve found him to be professional, quite cleaver, and able to produce some rather creative production pieces for his afternoon drive program.  You hear some of that wit and production, along with a couple of loose segues, and the same bumper played two breaks in a row. From my personal collection.    
Funny EBS Test: Early 1970’s. (1:07) During the 60’s and 70’s, the EBS (emergency broadcast system) was the system the US government utilized to alert the country of disaster.  After a myriad of problems surfaced (among them complacent station operators and owners, faulty equipment and outmoded 1950’s technology) replacement technology has been introduced.  But this EBS test, that effectively treats the test as somewhat of a joke, was popular and actually used by many stations in the 70’s.  Doug Fogg, who has masqueraded as Jeff Douglas (on Albany NY’s WPTR) and Jay Douglas (WRPI, same market), and who now works at WTIX-FM New Orleans contributed this piece of production. Thanks Doug!   
Mike Mitchell WTRY Troy NY 1970.  (9:30) Mitchell did mid-days for a couple of years, and later went to Houston, Milwaukee, and Detroit, and is now at WTRG in Raleigh North Carolina, and still doing mid-days as Ron McKay.  Mike/Ron:  Staff when I was there was Bob Connell, Jim Brown, Jay Clark, Mickey Martin,  Ronnie Knight, Michael J. Raymond......Chip Hobart (later).   Jim Brown brought me to WOKY, Milwaukee and later Chip Hobart joined the staff before heading to NYC, etc.”  The aircheck itself, not very well scoped by former Albany radio nut John Campbell, was contributed by the generous Neil Young.  You’ll be hearing a lot of WTRY over the coming months, as I have a ton of ‘em!   
Rick Kelly WVNR Poultney VT 1985.  (5:17) Co-owned and programmed by Ken Barlow (now Vox Radio’s VP of Programming) WVNR, on AM with 1000 watts on 1340 and 15 miles outside of Rutland, was the #3 rated station in the market… even though they only covered about 1/3 of the market!  I was sitting in for Barlow while he was on vacation (honeymoon, as a matter of fact) for a week.  You’ll hear some Tanner jingles, and an audio chain set up myself and Saga Communications’ Cary Pall.  From my personal collection.   
Jeff Moulton WRUN Utica NY 1979. (7:19) Moulton, who has been working radio throughout New York’s western tier for the last 30+ years worked for veteran programmer Fred Horton when he was in Utica.  ‘RUN was a tight Top 40 operation at this time, with lots of jingles and promotions.  Thanks to Jeff Moulton for coming through with this cool slice when, as he says, “radio was fun!”   
Robin Young WBZ Boston 1974. (14:40) Young is a veteran of Boston media now working at WBUR hosting the daily “Here and Now” news magazine program.  Past Boston experiences include WBOS (morning drive), hosting “Evening Magazine” on WBZ-TV, and her television profiles for the former WNEV-TV Channel 7.  She has also worked for all three major networks, with a stint on the “Today Show”.  But in 1974, Young was doing a couple of overnights on ‘BZ.  She was, and still is, a well respected broadcaster in the Boston Market.  A cool contribution from Joe Fazio… thanks Joe!   
WTIC Hartford CT Sales Presentation 1965. (12:59)  What a find… a true “panoramic” view of ‘TIC’s broadcast schedule in the days before middle of the road music, casual telephone talk, and women’s programs became passe’.  The presentation features announcers Frank Atwood, Bob Steele (who had been at WTIC a mere 29 years in ’65); Robert E. Smith; a “women’s program” with Jean Colbert and Ed Anderson; Bill Hennesey; Dick Bertel; Bob Nelson and Art Johnson.  From my personal collection.    
WCCC Hartford CT Composite 1972. (3:33)  This might not be what you think… WCCC was Top 40 in 1972, not drifting to AOR until 1974.  It’s an all to brief snapshot of “All Request Triple C”, with the famous Rusty Potz, “Douger”, and Dan Walker.  A great contribution from Gary Tompkins, my thanks!   
Mark Fuller WIZR Johnstown NY 1968. (8:46)  Here’s an aircheck that exemplifies the sound of Middle of the Road small market radio in the 1960’s.  Playing artists like Ed Ames, Patty Paige and Perry Como, Fuller’s early career (he was in high school on this aircheck) really started at 1000 daytimer WIZR (930kc.). The jingles, plentiful and entertaining are the icing on the cake!  Thanks to Mark Fuller for another small market gem!  
Don Rossi WFBL Syracuse NY 1980. (3:16)  Another example of a Mike Joseph consulted “Hot Hits” station, WFBL was one of those stations that flamed in as “Fire 14” and burned out about 1 ½ years later, when they switched to “Music of Your Life”.  Besides the fact that this is a pretty good aircheck of Rossi, it also features a recorded promo mentioning the impending format change. Good ol' Steve McVie of SteveMcVie.com was kind enough to contribute!     
Bob Harris WFLY Troy NY 1971.  (2:39)  An unfortunately short aircheck of the stations last days before they changed to Beautiful Music towards the end of 1971.  This aircheck is the last few minutes of Harris’s career at “The Big 92”.  ‘FLY of course came back in the late 70’s – stronger than ever and continues to be a Top 40 powerhouse in the Albany NY market.  Contributed by Jeff Douglas, formerly of Albany's WPTR, and now on the air at WTIX-FM in New Orleans.  Thanks Jeff!  
Dick Burch WHEN Syracuse 1972.  (17:43) Contributor Bob Mitchell states that Burch worked in major markets as well as being saddled in Syracuse for a while. WHEN was undoubtedly transitioning from being an old line middle of the road station to becoming more contemporary, as many A/C stations were in the early seventies.  Burch filled the bill as morning guy with a cross between risqué and corny humor.  You also hear some commercials that sound oh so 1970’s.  BTW, Bob Mitchell has his own web site, www.wolf1490.net with history of WOLF and some great airchecks of the Big 15.  Thanks for your help, Bob!   
Jim Rising WAQY Springfield MA 1980. STEREO BROADBAND VERSION  (2:45) It could just be my imagination, but this sure sounds like the morning after Rising fired yer buddy Rick from WACKY… it would have been a Sunday morning, the shift I usually did (he fired me on a Saturday afternoon.)  No matter… Rising gets off a couple of nice bits here and was always a great board operator and decent talent.  New contributor Marty Siegal sent this off to me with (so he says) Rising’s blessings.  Thanks Marty!   
Northeast Airchecks Boston Time Tunnel III.  (10:42) Contributor Bob Swenson hits us again with an another montage of Boston radio from the 1950’s through 2000.  This time, you’ll get snippets of Streeter Stewart, Charles Laquidara, Alan Dary, Bill Marlow, Vinny Peruzzy, Norm Nathan, Larry Glick, old time radio, jingles from WMEX, WODS, WROR, and a rare aircheck of the old WCOP Top 40 days.  Another stunner Bob… thank you for your contributions!   
Dan Nevereth WWKB Buffalo 2/13/03. (24:33) Recorded on a chilly morning when the country was bracing for a terrorist attack, long time Buffalo radio star Nevereth and sidekick/news guy Tom Donahue manage to keep it up beat.  Donahue’s on news… WKBW “Pulse Beat NEWS!” DX’d from Western Massachusetts you’ll hear a lot of that characteristic AM radio fading that many in the northeast grew up listening to the on great ‘KB.   
Jackson Armstrong WWKB Buffalo 2/13/03. (10:14) Recorded the same day as the Nevereth aircheck from Western Massachusetts 400 miles from Buffalo, the voice tracked Armstrong experience is great listening… needless to say, he’s as good as he ever was!  ‘KB is also using a lot of their old jingles, and is featuring production and bumpers done by the by ‘KB vet Don Berns.   
Bill Freeman WVBF Boston 1975.  (8:26) All night guy “Benevolent Bill” had a great all night act on the old WVBF.  Sounding like a kind of high energy burn out was his act… and he was effective and it was great fun listening to him.  The second break features a promo for a personal appearance by Budd Ballou.  WVBF is a station Boston folks are often nostalgic for… not only as a home for Bud Ballou, but for what was an unusual mix of Top 40 and album cuts.  My thanks to collector Gary Tompkins for this ultra-cool 70’s contribution.   

The Final Northeast Weather Round Up on the Northeast Radio Network. (5:21) The February 2003 edition of Popular Communications Magazine featured an article on this network of FM stations in New York State.  Contributor Roger Fenn says that the aircheck is it’s from June 4, 1968.  The live roundups were produced twice each morning at Northeast master control, WEIV,a studio-transmitter location atop Connecticut Hill, near Ithaca. Weather Roundup was engineered using step telemetry pulses sent on subcarrier, which accounts for the pauses between reports from along the network. The commands would change the originating source of the network during the show. Weather observers were at affiliated stations which fed to receivers at one of the five Northeast owned stations on high locations across the state. The western reports were fed from a receiver at WBIV in Wethersfield, and the eastern reports from a receiver at WJIV in Cherry Valley. Other owned stations were WMIV, Bristol Center, WOIV DeRuyter. In fact, in the '60s, most network news and music programming was live 24/7 from WEIV. Back then, master control also could take transmitter readings  and operate all the owned stations, power up/down, run generator, etc. with this step telemetry system. The network was created by Agway as the 'Rural Radio Network' for farmers. Agway sold it to Woody Erdman of Ithaca, who used it in the 60's to network N.Y. Giants Football. Erdman sold it to Chenango & Unadilla Telephone as C&U Broadcasting. After the 'last roundup', the network was sold by C&U broadcasting to Pat Robertson. (Many years later the network was broken up by the sale of properties individually.)  Be prepared to hear much dead air, and some sentimental words from the announcers on this last “Weather Round-Up”.  And my thanks to Roger Fenn for this unique aircheck.  

Chip Hobart WTRY Albany NY 1969. (13:06) Yeah, it’s THE Chip Hobart… who worked in Boston at WRKO in the 70’s and WHTT in the 80’s.  The aircheck also features a boat load of spliced (and original) station jingles, contest promos, and local production. “It’s groovy”… and it’s from the seemingly never ending collection of radio historian Neil Young.  
Greaseman WRC Washington DC 1973. (2:51) Ahh… those days of AM Top 40… NBC owned WRC had the unusual personality of the Greaseman and big money Cash Call jackpots!  Later, the greasy one was lured to WPOP Hartford CT to do morning drive during their last days. Real name:  Doug Tracht, got himself into trouble a few years ago by making some inflammatory racial s on the air.  From frequent contributor Neil Young – my thanks Neil!  
Ken Gilbert WAQY Springfield MA 1979. (2:47) Gilbert did afternoon drive on WACKY102 for a couple years, and also went on to work at WDRC Hartford and the country station in Bloomfield CT on 1550 whose old call letters escape me now.  Gilbert had a habit of making obscure references to… well, whatever he was referring to.  Gilbert later went back to his native Vermont.  Allan Camp, PD and morning talent at WRCH Hartford sent this one to me, saying “I had one of those Sanyo car radios that had a cassette record function.  I was driving from Springfield Vermont to Springfield Mass to be interviewed for a job at WKZE on Cape Cod when I caught this one.”  Thanks Allan… this brought back some memories!  
Roger Q. Fenn WTKO Ithaca NY 1967. (13:53) There’s a lot to like about this aircheck from upstate New York.  First of all, ‘TKO used a lot of production elements… lots of jingles (mostly spliced up) weather beds, a newscast with teletype in the back ground… a REAL teletype machine across the room… several “positioners like “WTKO Swinging Radio”; “Ithaca’s New Love” and “The Top 31”.  There’s a lot tape echo, and Roger’s throwing of switches is all very audible.  Roger now works as a Public Relations and Communication Consultant in the Portland, ME area.  My thanks Roger Fenn… it’s been a gas!  

WTIC HARTFORD CT SALUTES BOB STEELE. On Friday,.December 6, 2002 longtime WTIC morning man and Connecticut radio legend Bob Steele died at the age of 91.  For those of you not familiar with Steele, he worked at one radio station – WTIC – for his entire radio career.  He started at WTIC in 1936 – and continued working there (very part time) until November of 2002.  Incredibly, his radio career spanned seven decades.  In addition, he did mornings six days a week… even when he was in his late seventies!

.show was filled with elements that might not have been unusual in the 1940 and ‘50s, but certainly extraordinary for late 20th century radio.  The show regularly featured musical selections like Sousa marches, short classical pieces, and novelty records.  Other features included Steele’s “Word of the Day”, poetry readings, and corny jokes.  Throughout the years and WTIC’s migration from old style Middle of the road to a more adult contemporary approach in the late 1970’s, and toward news/talk in the 90’s, Steele’s show remained the same. 

program saluting Steele was broadcast the morning of December 7, hosted by WTIC’s long standing sports announcer Arnold Dean; Dean himself started at WTIC in 1965.  Glen Coligan co-hosted, Coligan was the producer of Steele’s once monthly Saturday morning show.  I managed to aircheck many segments of the program, where many of Steele’s faithful listeners phoned in their remembrances; they are located (1), (2), (3).  Dean and Coligan did several segments on personal remembrances; (1).  Scott Gray did some outstanding and touching pieces on his professional and personal relationship with Steele; they are located (1), (2).  One of my favorite segments of Steele’s program was his announce of WTIC’s change of directional signal pattern every morning, which he called the “antenna switch”.  WTIC’s news department did segments on Steele all morning long (1), (2); (1) features a brief aircheck of Steele’s last show in November of 2002. Two poetry readings were featured; you can hear “Albert and the Lion” and “The Return of Albert”. Steele even did “bits” occasionally on the show: two are featured here – one is Steele’s “audition” to do baseball play by play, and once weekly, Steele read mail he received from his listeners.  Arnold Dean tells one of Steele's favorite jokes. Steele’s favorite records got played as well; “Two Buffaloes” by Rolf Harris and “Angelina” by Louie Prima both got airplay on WTIC’s salute to Steele.  The salute ended with a Sousa March, and a great moment where WTIC actually dropped their 50,000 watt signal for 20 seconds marking the passing of Bob Steele.  As Arnold Dean states at the end of the broadcast... "Thanks, Bob."   

Joe Niagara WCAU-FM Philadelphia, PA 1975.  (9:45) Contributor Gary Tompkins writes: “Even though this was DX recorded in Springfield (MA) the quality sounds like it came from the Philly ‘burbs.  Info on Niagara (and other great Philly jocks) can be found at the Philadelphia radio tribute site: philaradio.com”  Thanks for this great contribution, Gary!  
WIBG Philadelphia PA, The End. (5:03) Philadelphian’s take their radio seriously, and the loss of WIBG in 1977 marked a change in radio history.  But owner Fairbanks Communications let WIBG go out with a bang in September of 1977, and this clip from Neil Young gives you a taste of it.  The last hour and a half of WIBG is available from philaradio.com.  Thanks to Neil for catching it live!  
Gary Bridges WZZD Philadelphia, PA 1977.  (3:12) WIBG became the decidedly low key Top 40 “Wizard 100” under then PD Kevin Metheny.  The station tried the format for about a year, then went religion.  From part of Cary Pall's collection that I dubbed sometime in the mid 1980's.  
The Big 8 CKLW Reunion 10/19/02.  The evening of October 19, 2002 News/Talk station CKLW Windsor Ontario Canada presented an on-air three hour long reunion of jocks, newspeople and other CK employees from the 60's, 70's and 80's.  It's a great special, hosted by CK's Charlie O'Brian, with CK reminiscences, airchecks and interviews. It was recorded in Toledo Ohio, off a Denon tuner set to wideband mode on to VHS tape by my good friend of the last 30 years Cary Pall My thanks to Cary for getting this tape to me!
Segment One. (36:28) The CK jocks attending Charlie O'Brian, Ted Richards, Bill Gable, Mike Kelly, Scott Miller, Tom Shannon and Joe Evans, feature a lot of great airchecks of CK, some pre-dating the "Drake" years, and phone interview with former CK jock Steve Hunter.
Segment Two. (55:56) The former CK jocks continue with a phone interview with Detroit radio legend and former Big 8 morning man Dick Purtan.  Purtan was doing mornings at KENR/13 when CK was first shaking up the market. In addition to more airchecks, you hear a segment on CK's legendary engineering department that includes Ed Butterbaugh the CE who talks about CK's great signal and audio processing. The last part of this segment profiles CK's news department, with Dick Smyth, Joe Donovan, Grant Hudson, Jay Nelson, traffic reporter and spouse of Byron MacGregor, JoJo MacGregor; Randall Carlisle, and a ton of others discussing CK's highly sensationalized 20/20 News. 
Segment Three.  (22:02) The 20/20 news team continues, ing on the "somewhat sensationalized" CK news.  Additionally, there's interview with Judy Holm and Michael McNamara, who are putting together a TV documentary on CK for The History Channel Canada. 
Segment Four. (46:21) CK's music is profiled, including a segment with Detroit musician Dennis Coffey, and Music Director Rosalee Trombley.  Office staff were in attendance here too.  Then, Ben Friedman from JingleUniversity.com talks about the Big 8 jingle packages.  Most famous were probably the Johnny Mann Singers package used by the RKO General stations in the late sixties and early seventies. The end has everyone getting in the studio to mention all those not present, and for a final group sing of the old CK top hour ID.
Don Berns WDRC Hartford CT 1967. (17:10) Berns has been all over the northeast US and Canada entertaining using quick wit, and ‘DRC was one of the first stops in his successful career that continues today.  The great piece of tape was compliments of regular contributor Jim Kaye.  
Don Berns WTRY Troy NY 1970. (6:39)  Some might “cry foul” at this aircheck, which documents Berns first few minutes on the air on ‘TRY after leaving WDRC. And let’s face it, generally, your first time on a new gig is difficult – but Berns hangs in there and manages to be cleaver and exhibit (as was typical of the time) some non-political correctness.  Berns wasn’t at ‘TRY long – it was almost like he just got off the wrong exit on the New York State Thruway on the way to WKBW, Buffalo.  With marginal audio quality, it’s still a great slice, from Neil Young.  
Larry Lujack on WCFL Chicago 1973. (3:43)  For years, he switched back and forth between WCFL and WLS… finally settling on WLS where he ended his full time radio career.  He is STILL remembered and revered by Chicagoland radio listeners. This brief “Clunk Letter of the Day” really showcases Lujack’s timing and humor.  There was no one on radio who could pause for comedic effect like Lujack (except maybe... Jack Benny!)  From Neil Young’s collection!  
Northeast Airchecks Time Tunnel II . (17:07) Our first “Time Tunnel” that debuted in May of 2002 has proven to be one our most popular offerings, and this one from contributor Bob Swenson equals the quality and nostalgia of the first!  You’ll hear more Boston area clips of Arnie Ginsburg, Jess Cain, Dave Maynard, Johnny Most, Carl DeSuze, snips of WHDH (their last minutes) WCAS, WRKO, WMEX and (as they say) much, much more!  My thanks to Bob for this great montage… can’t wait for Part 3!  
Fenway on WMEX Boston MA 1964. (18:06) Which “Fenway” is it? Though a “house jock” name for years, this Fenway is none other than the renowned Jack Gale.  Probably best known as the PD of WAYS in their heyday, Gale started in radio in 1944… and is still working!  Jack has his own web site… www.jackgaleradio.com, and his own book, “Same Time, Same Station” that describes his years of working in the ‘biz. (Jack was kind enough to send me a copy… and it sure is a fun read!) Jack told me that Mac Richmond called him to complain about his air work 11 times the morning of this aircheck!  Sounding like it was recorded right off the ‘MEX board, you’ll enjoy the PAMS jingles, Jack’s cast of characters (all his voice) sports and newscasts.  Thanks to Jack for this sound of radio the way it was!  
Tom Doyle WCOZ Boston MA 1983. (9:32) After John’s Sebastian’s “Kick Ass Rock and Roll” meteoric rise – and crash – ‘COZ tried a rather eclectic pop format for a while, with PD Andy Carey and Doyle in the morning. The format and the morning show didn’t work, but Doyle went on to be an integral part of the Loren and Wally morning show on WVBF and WROR in Boston.  You’ll hear some flashes of Doyle brilliance in this aircheck from the archives of ace contributor Steve Ordinetz.  Thanks Steve!  
WGNG Pawtucket RI Composite 1972. (3:20) WGNG, with 1000 watts at 550AM switched from an oldies format (the G-N-G stood for “Gold N’ Great) to Top 40 under consultant John Rook in ’72, in direct competition with then format king, WPRO-AM. Sounding decidedly different from WPRO, there was hope that they would be competitive… but, like past and future WPRO competitors, WGNG’s Top 40 format was not to survive. They sure were fun to listen to while it lasted, though. Radio historian Neil Young captured this one live on his Radio Shack cassette recorder.  
Bill Lenke WTIC-FM Hartford 1979.  (15:09) One of Northeast Airchecks most popular offerings over the past few years has been the aircheck of Lenke (aka Bill Lee of WKTU, NYC) and this latest one from Steve McVie clearly conveys the kind of energy that Lenke is/was known for. Mike Joseph was the consultant brought in after WTIC-FM switched to Top 40 from Classical… the pacing on this one might leave you gasping!  
 J.J. Allen WTXL West Springfield MA 1970. (4:56) New contributor Gary Tompkins writes: “This aircheck may be one of the best continuing rank-outs by a DJ on an engineer. It also provides a look back in time when this little station was trying to compete with market leader ‘HYN. Despite poor audio, an inadequate DA, and one-fifth the power, they did manage to grab a share of the teenybopper audience. The engineer who was the butt of Allen’s jokes was Ray Frankel. Ray, at that time, was also contract CE for day-timers WACE, and WTYM (where I worked with Ray). Through pure serendipity I had a tape rolling on 1490 that night. Incidentally, Ray had already left the station and was driving home, (and nearly off the road), when Allen began his diatribe.”  What a treat to hear WTXL again!  Thanks Gary!  
Bob and Ray WHDH Boston MA 1948. (30:00) No, I'm not kidding! Bob Eliot and Ray Goulding graced the airwaves on WINS, WOR, the CBS Network, Broadway, TV (as "Bert and Harry Peils" in the 1950's) and many other places throughout their career.  But it was at WHDH where they first met and teamed up to do their brand of dry, sophisticated humor.  If you've ever heard of Wally Ballou, Einbeinder Flypaper or the McBeebee twins, than you've heard Bob and Ray.  This aircheck, which sounds like it came off a transcription disk, includes a great bit about an obnoxious game show host, musical interludes, and a commercial for that new coming thing, television.  From my personal collection. 
Dan Ingram WABC New York 1961. (17:04) Big Dan, only a few months after he started at 'ABC.  This is an aircheck of incredible fidelity and performance quality. Ingram is of course, of monumental talent... as a youngster I recall being most impressed with his wit, and they way his voice sounded in that booming reverb on WABC... and I grew up 150 miles from NYC!  This contribution comes from radio archivist Neil Young 
Rick Kelly WHUC Hudson NY 1976. (10:29) Although in an extremely small market, you'll hear some state of the art (1976) formatics, along with ABC Network News, small town spots, cue burned records, and a warning to "always be informed of the correct time by looking for the big 'HUC fluorescent clock at any of these fine area merchants... !" Recorded off the 'HUC air monitor at 7.5 ips full track, the station's audio quality should be quite evident.     
Mark Fuller on WLFH Little Falls NY in 1972.  Fuller tells me he made several Mohawk Valley career moves during the ‘70’s,  including WIZR and WALY… you’d love the “Sounds of Better Music” – from “Wonderful WLFH” – middle of the road music and old, old jingles!  Thanks for this contribution, Mark!  
Jeff Moulton on WLFH Little Falls NY 1973.  By ’73, ‘LFH had decided to move a little more uptempo, doing album rip-offs and playing more current music. Contributor Moulton is another Mohawk Valley grad, and has worked at WRUN, WTLB and is now at oldies WBBF doin’ nights.  Thanks for the small market gem, Jeff!  
WPOP Hartford Montage 1975.   The title says it all!  Jingles and jock breaks from the early days to the last days of WPOP!  You’ll be amazed at the talent that went through the station!  My favorite part is the snips from the fake Drake format years… wow!  My thanks to Roger Fenn for this nifty offering!   
Northeast Airchecks Boston Time Tunnel Vol. 1.  (14:25)  How indebted am I to new contributor Bob Swenson for this piece?  LOTS!  Bob personally produced it for Northeast Airchecks, and you’ll discover tons and tons of aircheck clips, jingles, and ID’s from Worcester and Boston MA.  This is another offering you gotta listen to a couple of times to catch everything!  WMEX, WBZ, WRKO, WORC and WHDH are among the many stations featured, and some of the air talents you’ll hear will be Jess Cain, Jean Shepard, Alan Dary, Bill Marlow, Dick Summer, Dave Maynard, JJ Jeffrey and lots more!   
Ron Landry on WDRC Hartford CT 1965.  (29:55)  It’s amazing to hear what morning radio sounded like 37 years ago.  This aircheck is quite typical of the time, with Landry’s show featuring character bits, drop-ins and corny jokes.  You also hear a lot of ‘DRC’s production that featured a contest to see the Beatles, and what sounds like an actual gospel record (“inspirational moment”!)  Landry was a true pro, who later went on to be part of Los Angeles morning team Hudson and Landry.  They even released a record, “Ajax Liquor Store” that got some radio airplay in 1971.  Sadly, Landry passed away in September of 2002. Thanks to continuing supporter “Big Tuna” Jim Kaye for another great contribution.   
Sandy Beach WKBW Buffalo NY 1969.  (21:59)  What happens when Beach ends up on after midnight when the all night guy is a no call no show?  You’ll find out in this vastly entertaining slice of night from the great ‘KB radio.  Those guys at ‘KB always had a blast on the air… and Beach of course is a Buffalo radio legend!  From the vast and amazing archives of continuing supporter Steve Ordinetz 
Ferdinand B WPTR Albany NY 1970.  (4:56)  His last half hour ever on WPTR… where he apparently got wind that he was going to be fired (my guess would be that the next weeks schedule got posted somewhere, and his name was missing from it...)  He decided to talk about it on the air.  No matter… he returned to airwaves soon after as Craig Stevens on WFLY Troy NY.  From my personal collection.  
Billy St. John WPTR Albany NY 1970.  (8:10) St. John, who was best known as WCBS-FM and CKLW’s Max Kinkel, conquered the airwaves in the Kingston-Poughkeepsie NY market before moving to WPTR (and later shifting to rival WTRY as “Max Stuart”.)  You’ll hear a little of the guy who later became “Super Max” on the old CK… along with some uh… marginal board work, live spots (like for a 1971 Toyota) and of course, WPTR jingles and reverb!  From the collection of Neil Young.  
WROW Albany NY Jingles, 1959.  (10:06) Contributor Neil Young writes:  WROW had a brief run as a top 40 station in ‘59. They were consulted by the legendary Mike Joseph, who would enjoy great success with WABC, WPRO (AM) and WTIC (FM), among others. WROW's jock lineup included Bruce Bradley, Geoff Davis, Mark Edwards and a guy Joseph hired away from WTRY, "Tall Paul" James. WROW's new CHR format turned a lot of heads, but it was not to be. Their two biggest obstacles: They were joining an already-three-station battle with well-established heavy hitters WTRY and WPTR and newcomer WABY. Worse yet, WROW was crippled by a commitment to run a heavy load of CBS programming. The rocker's entire midday was filled by the likes of Arthur Godfrey, Garry Moore, Art Linkletter's House Party and at least three soap operas - not the type of fare to attract young listeners in the summer of '59. Although WROW's CHR life was far too short, the memories live on for many of us.”  A great package Neil!  Thanks!!   
Christopher Lydon Interviews Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg on WTKK Boston 2001. (39:00)  It was just great to hear former WMEX Boston star Ginsburg on the air again in this interview with well regarded Boston news-talk person Chris Lydon.  Besides some great memories of Arnie, the interview features a segment with radio talk pioneer Jerry Williams.  It's amazing to hear Ginsburg... he sounds exactly the same as he did in the early days.  From my personal collection.   
NYC Radio Montage of the 60's and 70's. (13:30)  I was reminded of this great edit of various NYC production and airchecks by listening to former WXRK and WNEW-FM jock Pete Fornatale on Fordham University's WFUV.  It is a fine piece of work... featuring almost every NYC jock and station you can think of... and also features newscasters and themes as well. It was put together by Peter Mokover years ago... Fornatale fondly calls this "The Ghosts of New York Radio Past".  I'd suggest several listens to this gem... so you don't miss a moment!  As it's available from www.reelradio.com, it's here for a limited time only.  From my personal collection.   
WSNY Schenectady NY Radio Race Contest 1970.  (1:42)  There’s three interesting characteristics of this all to brief aircheck of WSNY:  the “Radio Race” was a popular promotion that a lot of stations did (or did similar versions of) during the sixties and early seventies.  You’ll note on the promo that the jocks names are listed and in a simulated “horse race”.  Additionally, note that the jocks names are those of former Presidents and notables from American history.  That was WSNY’s angle as “The Home of the All Americans”.  It was definitely unique!  Finally, you’ll note reverb on the aircheck, and although all three Albany market AM Top 40’s used it, for WSNY, it was only for a brief period (as I recall.)   Contributor Dennis Jackson always comes through with the coolest stuff… thanks Den!   
WPJB Providence RI Composite 1975.  (7:10)  Our first Providence contribution is a neat time-trek back 26 years ago, when “JB-105” was in competition with market king WPRO.  Your hear jocks Bill Silver, Mickey Ashworth and Todd Chase among the blips on this one… along with the then famous JB-105 whisper shouts.  It’s a contribution from Steve McVie of stevemcvie.com, which also features streaming airchecks!  Huge thanks for this one Steve!  

Johnny Tripp on WFEA Manchester NH 1971.  (21:14) Contributor Steve Ordinetz says of this aircheck:  He was their night jock (though this was taped on a Sunday afternoon) and pretty much owned that slot from 1968-74.  I think this was his only radio gig: he started when he was still in high school, when he graduated college he, as they say got a haircut and a real job (accountant).  Interesting story behind the jingles WFEA used here.  WFEA's GM at the time was notoriously cheap.  PD was bugging him for a new package.  He went to Berklee and got some students to produce these for him.  Cost was minimal (duplicate albums?).  Sound as good as many commercial packages.  For some reason, around this time they had all the jocks use "cute" airnames...(JT used that one all along) others included Hap Hazzard, Tom Foolery & Granny Goose.”  The aircheck features (for you news freaks) a full five minute ABC Contemporary Network newscast, as well all the spots left in unscoped.  My thanks again to Steve Ordinetz for another piece of history!   

Nick Nickson Sr. WBBF Rochester NY 1963.  (20:42) Nickson, a Rochester legend and long term ‘BBF employee was doing afternoon drive on this, a cold (nine degree!) winter day.  You’ll hear some pre-British Invasion Top 40 music, the WBBF Weather Wardrobe (wearing a coat and overshoes are suggested), lots of car dealership spots, and a promo for a Brahms selection to be broadcast later on sister classical station WBBF-FM!  Thanks to Vox Radio’s Steve Ordinetz for another selection from his vast aircheck collection!   
Nick Nickson Jr. WBBF Rochester NY 1975.  (5:21) Nickson Jr. is indeed the son of Rochester 50's-60's on-air legend Nick Nickson, Sr.  The younger Nickson went on to become the play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team broadcasts, a position he continues to hold today.  Provided through the generous donation of listener Cary Pall.   
Jim Rivers WBBF Rochester NY 1975.  (3:35)  Contributor Cary Pall writes that Jim Rivers' real name is Jim Hazeltine. He spent about five years at BBF as PD, then midday jock and flew the traffic plane in AM & PM drive (was known as The Red Baron during the Mark Driscoll days of "The New BBF").  After being unceremoniously dumped by ‘BBF, he returned to his native Kentucky, where he programmed Lexington rock station WKQQ for a number of years. He is a really good guy and a pro through and through.  (Rick notes:  An internet search for him indicates he contributes regularly to www.philyradio.com.)   
Power Oldies
Rod Hill on WDOT Burlington VT 1978.  (3:15)  This aircheck, from the winter of 1978 features Hill, now PD of WKOL (Kool 105 in the Burlington/Plattsburgh market). He did his first jock stint at WDOT... when he was 15 years old!  Hill was also involved in the early days of America Online (his AOL email address has only three letters!)  Contributor Den Jackson also tells me that Hill is working on developing a web site solely dedicated to the history of WDOT - can't wait for that one!  And stay tuned until the end of the aircheck for the great "14DOT" Shotgun jingle!  Great thanks to you for the contribution, Den!   
WAVZ New Haven CT Composite 1973.  (22:46)  From December of that year, you'll hear the operation owned by Kops-Monahan Communications that influenced many programmers for years. WAVZ was unique in that it sounded "major" but maintained a strong small market presence.  There's a lot of great talent on this aircheck, including Mason Dixon, Brian Phoenix, Quincy McCoy, Tom Britain and Ron Foster.  Listen and enjoy this great contribution from radio archivist Neil Young  
Dick Robinson on WDRC Hartford 12/31/67(32:30)  Northeast Airchecks featured a segment of this aircheck where Robinson counts down the year end Big D survey.  That segment featured hits # 90-75 on the countdown, and I'm pleased that the Big Tuna Jim Kaye has recovered another segment of this now 34 year old aircheck, featuring # 74-34 as another listener year end treat!  (To check out the other segment, click here.)  The aircheck is loosely telescoped (although I must admit, I left as much of "I Can't Stop Lovin' You" by The Last Word as I could - such a great old CT hit!)  If this don't take you back to 1967, nothin' will!  My thanks to Jim for his many continuing contributions to this site!   
Lee Roberts WTIC-FM Hartford CT 1978.  (9:38)  Another “Hot Hits” aircheck courtesy of Steve McVie!  Roberts made his way at a number of stations… he was at WCFR Springfield VT (where so many of us got our start), WAVZ/New Haven CT, 99X/New York City, and WICC/Bridgeport CT.  And now…?  The aircheck is a winner… lots o’ music… jingles, and Mike Joseph influence!   
Ken Barlow on WCFR Springfield VT 1976.  (2:49)  I kinda doubt this is an actual aircheck – it sounds more like a studio version to me… but it is cool to catch the current VP of Programming for the Vox Radio Group doing up a tape in order to find a gig!  It’s another embarrassing moment, and we are… entertained!  Thanks to Clear Channel’s Cary Pall and his boxes of tapes for this one!   
 WNBC becomes “The New Sound of WNBC” 1977.  (3:20)  After floundering for years as an MOR and AC also ran, with NBC Radio news on the hour hockey and basketball games, WNBC decided to hire Bob Pittman and get into serious competition with WABC and 99X.  The change was… well… less than spectacular and rather low key.  Here’s the first few minutes, with Johnny Dark the last jock on the “old” WNBC – then an announcement from Pittman himself, and then a couple of breaks from the great Lee Masters.  New contributor Neil Young found this one for me… thanks Neil!   
Neil Young on WAQY Springfield MA 1977.  (3:48) A familiar voice in Springfield MA, (WAQY and WMAS-FM) Hartford CT (WRCQ), the Hudson Valley of NY (WKNY, WHUC), and Albany NY (WPTR, WHRL) as Neil Van Patten.  This tape of Neil goes back to the days when everyone wanted their station to sound like WNnnnBC (with Bob Pittman at the helm.)  Neil was smooth though... and is still on the air at KFYI in Phoenix.  Thanks to Cary Pall for this gift!   
WFBL Syracuse NY Sales Demo, 1980.  For about 18 months, 'FBL became a legendary Mike Joseph consulted "Hot Hits" station, and this grand contribution by Cape Cod’s Makkay Radio guy Steve McVie offers a composite aircheck of the station's jocks, and of course, a sales pitch about the "mass appeal" of the station.  McVie is a bona fide “Hot Hits” fan… his web site is www.stevemcvie.com.  There will be more of WFBL from Steve coming up!   
WPTR Sales Demo 1968.  You’ll listen to it and figure out pretty quick that the breaks were contrived in the production studio – just compare this to the actual airchecks of WPTR.  Still, it’s great to hear ‘PTR’s Sales Department interpretation of the station’s sound.  Listen carefully for the Orange Motors Mustang spot done by Albany TV anchor Ed Dague.  This presentation is another winner from ace contributor Gary Liebisch, who told me “borrowed” the original from ‘PTR PD J.W. Wagner’s office.  The jock staff breaking into the PD’s office?  Never heard a story like that before! :)   
George McGrail WAQY Springfield MA 1980.  (3:26) Better known as Ken McGrail to folks in the Albany NY and Portland ME markets, he hit the “big time” segueing from local radio in Southbridge, MA to doing the all night show at the legendary WACKY 102. He's now doing a PD/morning gig at WQEZ (104.7 Kennebunkport, ME). This one, contributed by Clear Channel’s Cary Pall will take you back to those days of cheesy FM Top 40.  Hear it in BROADBAND STEREO by clicking here.  
WHYN Springfield MA Jingles, 1960’s.  (11:44) With all the WHYN Tribute websites disappeared, maybe it’s time for me to continue the tradition… but without goin’ belly up!  These PAMS cuts from the collection of the great Jim Kaye, sure sound like a mix of series 32 (“Swiszle”) and series 33 (“Fun”) with unusual vocals by Trella Hart. Even tough I never heard ‘HYN in those days, I’ll bet they were played to death on the station.  They are, of course, delightful!  Thanks, Jim!   
Jay Stone 99X NYC 1979. (12:05)  Sadly, it was reported that Jay Stone was recently killed in a car accident in Hawaii in late 2001. He was 55 years old.   
Den Jackson's Production Reel #1. (4:19) From Den's great archive of airchecks, jingles, and old spots you hear the following:  a Pepsi Commercial from 1963, (featuring the lovely vocal stylings of Miss Joanie Sommers); a Rheingold Beer jingle; a Palisades Amusement Park spot from the early sixties; the WROW/Albany NY news intro from the sixties and early seventies; a promo blooper for WRIP/Windham NY's "Remember When" oldies show with Bill Lawrence; and finally, a 1973 contest promo from WAVZ/New Haven CT.  Thanks for this great listen, Den!    
WKSS Hartford CT Switches Format 1984. (3:41) Makin' a big radio splash, WKSS went from Beautiful Music to Top 40 in the fall of '84, and yours truly caught it on tape.  Many folks don't realize that it took ten years for KISS to finally over take rival WTIC-FM.   
Tom Casey on WKSS Hartford CT 1985. (4:56) Not the same Tom Casey who worked in the Albany market during the 80's, this aircheck showcases some of the production and format elements of the then "95 point seven, Kiss-FM" (as opposed to todays "Kiss 95 point seven")  From my personnel collection.  
WXKW/Troy NY Jingles 1965. (1:15) The long gone WXKW (500 w daytimer on 1600 AM, and originally on 850 AM in the 1950's ) was a favorite station of mine as a kid, because they changed format often... you never knew what was next.  These jingles, from their era as a "Soul" formatted station are a blast!  Contributor Den Jackson wrote about 'em:  "Those were original WXKW Pepper-Tanner jingles (out of Memphis) from a tape I made in their studios in the Hendrick Hudson Hotel in downtown Troy, June 2, 1965!   I loved their music, and so went down after signoff and recorded jingles and records through their Gates Level Devil processor onto a Wollensak reel to reel.  I took that same original tape this week and lifted those jingles.  They're from the same campy package as "The Westchester Happening Sound" used on WRNW 107.1 FM in Mt. Kisco (where I did weekends in the Summers of 1967 and 1968), and that were the model for the jingles in the infamous "WVWA becomes 'Nine'" parody. Hearing them again, they did sound pretty good!   The style was maybe not as hip as PAMS, but they were neat and well done.  My favorite is, "Here's another sound with soul... that never grows old!"  These must have been the "whitest" singers in Memphis!    ;~}"  My thanks Den for these great memory makers!   
Bill Lenke on WTIC-FM Hartford CT 1978.  (9:57)  Doing his act of rhymin' liners, Lenke now does it on WKTU IN NYC!  But in '78, he was the night guy on Mike Joseph consulted "96 TIX".  Lenke is excellent, and you'll hear a lot of Joseph format elements here... like jingles (everywhere!) even into stop sets.  Big thanks to Mike Bugaj for this KILLER piece of work!   
Johnny Donovan on WOR-FM New York 1971. (7:20)  Listenin' to this... well, you know John was having an off night... I mean, he blows the first few intros... but still, ain't it great to hear the old 'OR-FM, those grand Drake Double A jingles, and Donovan all over again?  (Special featurette: one break from Marc Driscoll at the beginning.) The Mike Bugaj connection again came through with this one!  Thanks Mike!   
Howie Castle on Radio Caroline 1967.  (5:55)  Imagine yourself in Kenitra, Morocco... about 150 miles north of Casablanca... you're desperate to hear some Top 40 radio... and there it is... Radio Caroline, at 1520kc and the jock on the air is named Bud Ballou!  The audio quality is poor, fading in and out - and yet... it's intriguing listening!  This great sound contributed by Mike Bugaj is a new classic!  Upon receipt of this tape, which was just labeled "Radio Caroline, 1967 Kenitra, Morocco" I was unaware and nearly fell off my chair in researching that it truly is well known Syracuse radio guy Castle!  For those who are not aware, Radio Caroline (named for John F. Kennedy's daughter, Caroline) broadcast from the waters off Great Britain at a time when rock and roll was scarcely heard on the radio there... and believe it or not, they are still on the air!   
WPTR Promos from 1967(1:40) Fast paced and funny, these promos seem to have a Tom Shovan stamp on them... they just sound like his work.  Shovan was the night jock at WPTR in '67.  They are the "kewlest", and thanks to another new contributor, group owner Dennis Jackson (WRIP, upstate New York and WMEX in New Hampshire, etc.) for these gems!   
Jeff Douglas on WPTR Albany NY 1972. (5:51)  Doug Fogg, an RPI alumnus (and now of Lockheed Martin and WTIX-FM in New Orleans) replaced Guy Hill on the all night show on 'PTR in the early seventies.  Fogg did a lot of great work on WPTR and WRPI in the late sixties and early seventies, and this is a fine piece of work!  It's also one of several airchecks that was contributed as an emailed mp3 file.  Thanks so much Doug for this contribution!   
Charlie Fox on WRKO Boston 1973.  (4:36)  Except for Dale Dorman (of course) Fox was probably the best jock on 'RKO during the summer of '73.  He was definitely "on" this day.  It's "likeable"... and from my personal collection.   
Roy Reynolds on WPTR 1968 (4:58)  I remember this guy as the mid day jock on 'PTR (you'll hear AM drive guy "Charlie Brown" signing off at the beginning of this aircheck)...  Reynolds was certainly enthusiastic!  You also hear some 'PTR jingles of course... although someone with a razor blade and splicing block had been at 'em!  Thanks to Gary Liebisch for coming through with this classic!   
Don Berns on WKBW Buffalo 1971 (4:45)  My friend Dale Patterson of Rock Radio Scrapbook will love this one!  A goodie contributed from the Lafayette tape recorder archives of young DX'er named John Gabriel!   
Chuck Phelan on WPTR Albany NY 1968 (3:33)  Phelan was a familiar fixture at WRPI Troy NY during the 1960's, and played a huge role in putting WRPI on their tower in North Greenbush at that time.  He also though worked part time at 'PTR - where you'll get to hear those 'PTR jingles everyone loved.  You can read more about Chuck at www.wrpi.org, just click on their "History" section.  It's another fine contribution from Gary Liebisch 
Jimi Roberts on WPLJ NYC 1984(5:22)  Remember when CHR stations did dead segues?  Well, this aircheck features a few, along with some great production and jingles.  I was reminded of this one from my collection when I heard Roberts on the air in Florida while vacationing there.   
John Goodhue on WCFR Springfield VT 1970 (13:24)  OK, maybe a medication change was needed for John... was he really that down about his on-air job?  It's a fine representation of 'CFR's format, though, which at the time contained such basics as "Don't say the call letters!  Everyone knows who we are!"  and "Don't play too many jingles, people will get sick of them" and my personal favorite "Talk slower... I can't understand what you're saying when you talk too fast!"  Give it a listen, if you dare!  My thanks to former 'CFR staff Steve Ordinetz for the gift of piece-o-work!   
Shadoe Stevens on KHJ Los Angeles in 1970.  (8:09)  OK, OK, L.A. is not in the Northeast, but I couldn't resist putting this classic up for you to hear.  Shadoe drifted from WRKO Boston to KHJ, and this aircheck, where he is sitting in for The Real Don Steele is a tight and upbeat treat.  From my personal collection, don't miss it!    
John Gabriel on WPTR Albany NY 1972. (7:21)   It's a super 50's Solid Gold Weekend on 'PTR, with John doing the All Request Show!  Among the benefits of doing the shift are cheesy spring reverb, phones ringing off the wall, each and every record running less than two minutes in length, and reading your own news!  What a great business radio is!  Another contribution from Donn Jennett, a frequent contributor to www.reelradio.com.   
Bill Lowell on WPTR Albany NY in 1972.  (4:30)  Lowell has gone by several radio names over his career, and is probably best known as Albany area oldies guru Bill Lawrence, currently on WRIP Windham, NY.  His work on this "Retro 50's Weekend" was like a premonition of things to come.  A welcome and valued contribution from Donn Jennett, a frequent contributor to Rick Irwin's www.reelradio.com.  
Bob Harris on WFLY Troy NY in 1971. (1:40)  Another snippet from the days when WFLY was the only FM rocker  in the Albany NY market (excepting the RPI and Siena College stations, that is...).  Harris may have better known as Rob Friedman, the host of  WRPI's Sunday night "Folk Fest" show, which is still on the air under the name of "Mostly Folk".  This quick offering from the archives of Gary Liebisch brings back some great memories!   
Chris Warren on WTRY Troy NY in 1989.  (6:07)  Former student of Grahm Junior College and well known Albany NY radio guy,  Warren writes:  "It's a fun check because the night before Cousin Brucie helped me host a membership drive on the local local PBS outlet, WMHX, Channel 45.  Brucie was one of the first jocks I remember from when I lived in Newburgh, NY and listened to NYC radio 1962-62, just as I caught the radio bug.  Brucie called me during my show and said he was listening in his hotel room, about to head for the airport, and he thought my show sounded "great."  I told him that I could now die a fulfilled man having been complimented by one of the guys who inspired me in the first place.  Great memory."  Thanks for this great memory, Chris!   
John Garabedian on WMEX Boston 1970.  (22:00)  Back when Creedence Clearwater Revival was still together, Kenny Rogers was doing acne cream commercials and Casey Kasem was just starting American Top 40, Garabedian was giving WRKO a run for their money as PD of WMEX.  John H. has had a colorful history - I remember him as my favorite WPTR jock "Johnny Gardner" from the early sixties.  And he's great on this aircheck from when WMEX was great!  Garabedian is still on the air on his nationally syndicated "Open House Party".  My thanks to new contributor Steve Ordinetz for this 30+ years ago flashback!   
Bud Ballou on WVBF Boston 1973.  (1:46) After working for John Garabedian on WMEX, Ballou segued over to WVBF where he was able to remain a unique and skillful personality.  Ballou passed away some years ago, but is fondly remembered by Grahm Junior College folks (and others) for what he brought to both WVBF and WMEX.  Ballou also made radio legend status in Syracuse, and of course, did nights on WKBW during his career. This one is from my personal collection, and all too short!   
Ed Kostek on WCKL Catskill NY 1980. (4:14) One of the first airchecks ever presented on this site (from 11/99) returns!  You'll hear some great AC personality here, rarely heard anymore from any hard drive!  Check Ed's website,  AROUND THE DIAL - it's a great collection of sounds, scans and links about growing up radio!  Ed now entertains evenings and weekends on WRIP, Windham NY.    
Norm Nathan on WHDH Boston in 1973.  (6:18)  Recorded during the Watergate hearings, you hear some of that wry Nathan humor that Bostonians loved!  Nathan also worked at WRKO in their waning days as a music station.  This one is from my personal collection.    
Bob Roberts on WTRY/1968 & WFLY/1971.  (5:34)  A great contrast of two different stations at two moments in time.  This is the same Bob Roberts as noted on WSNY below.  (No, it's not the same Bob Roberts as the one at WVWA.)  You catch some cool commercials on the WTRY portion of the check.  A commercial for Pickering phono cartridges... hmm, there's a trade-out idea!  It's another beauty, from the archives of Gary Liebisch!    
Dick Robinson on WDRC Hartford 12/31/67.  (12:40)  Sounding suspiciously like it's on tape, this aircheck of the Big D year end survey features some great local Connecticut hits, and of course Robinson, now of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.  You hear #90 - 75 from the survey, a great gift from none other than the Big Tuna/Jim Kaye of WACKY102 fame!  Thanks, Jim!   
Jesse James on WSNY Schenectady NY 1970.  (3:03)  James, more commonly known as Chris Warren from Albany market stations WGNA, The River, and WTRY, sent this aircheck of himself and writes:  "That's me doing overnights for the vacationing 'John Paul Jones'.  Other voices on the check include Don DeRosa doing the jingle add-ons and Community Bulletin open and closes.  Remember those days?"  I do, Chris... and I thank you for your memorable contribution!   
Johnny Lance on WFLY Troy NY 1971.  (6:32)  Lancer's favorite jock of all time was The Real Don Steele of KHJ, and you'll hear a lot of RDS influence on this aircheck.  It's another great contribution from Gary Liebisch!   
Dale Dorman on WRKO Boston in 1973.  (12:00)  Dorman, a market icon along with Norm Nathan, Jess Cain, Dave Maynard and others, still holds down afternoon drive on KISS 108 in Boston.  He was just as great on 'RKO as he is now.  This one from my personal collection of Boston area airchecks from the 70's.  
Jim Buchanon on WPTR Albany NY in 1971.  (4:54)  My favorite moment is the contest where the kid COULD HAVE won the big jackpot amount of $1.54, but instead goes away with nothing.  This one was from the Lafayette tape recorder archives of John Gabriel   
Charlie Kendall on WVBF Boston in 1973.  (3:31)  'VBF's Top 40/AOR format is pretty obvious in this aircheck, along with Kendall's zany style.  VBF's format was exceptionally popular with the college crowd, but they eventually evolved into straight ahead Top 40 as "F-105".  Kendall went on to program WNEW-FM, and is now a station owner in the southern part of the US.  Grahm Junior College folks will love this one,  from my personal collection.   
Mark Wheeler on WCDB Albany NY in 1980. (2:09)  John Gabriel's younger brother with a couple of college radio breaks from the State University at Albany, NY.  Mark had worked briefly at WKAJ-FM 102.3PM in Saratoga Springs, NY during the 1970's, in an effort to duplicate his brother's radio success.  Unfortunately, and as we all know, not everyone makes money in this biz.  Mark gets the last laugh, though, now a Senior Manager for Quad Graphics he's doin' quite well.  And yet... Mark sounds pretty darn good!  Thanks for emailing this little wonder to me, Mark!   
Cary Pall on WHUC Hudson NY in 1975.  (Part Two) (25:04)  Here's the rest of the hour that started below.  A great performance from Cary, and for you compression freaks, you'll enjoy the audio.  And wait till you hear "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain and Tennille at about 49 RPM.  Outrageous!      
Gary Mitchell on WFLY Troy NY in 1971.  (16:39)  Recovered from the personal collection of Gary Liebisch, this a great representation of the station in those years.  WFLY was then owned by the Troy Record newspapers, who took the station from classical to a Top 40/Oldies hybrid.  The station was in serious competition with WPTR, WTRY and WSNY, but the newspaper sold the station to MUZAK.  After the sale, the station went to beautiful music, and didn't return to playing contemporary music 'til the late 70's.  You'll enjoy the top/bottom hour ID's done by John Gabriel too!    
WFLY, WTRY, WPTR Albany 3/17/71.  (10:16)  This offering from contributor Gary Liebisch gives you a brief glimpse of the three Top 40 stations in the Albany market in 1971.  Along with a rare glimpse of WFLY's imitation Drake format with Craig Stevens, it features Jack Daniels and Mike Fitzgerald (yep, the same one as on 'CBS-FM) on WTRY and Jim Buchanon on WPTR.  It's a little uneven in quality, levels and tape print through, but great listening!   
Cary Pall on WHUC Hudson NY in 1975.  (Part One) (29:05)  For your listening and surfing pleasure, "Spaceman Cary" on this unscoped aircheck reveals a lot about Cary's style, and the stations audio.  You will be amused, impressed or offended by the highly equalized and compressed processing, as well as the sped up records. This one is from my personal collection.   
A Tom Shovan Audition Tape.  (3:27)  Shovan was the  PD of the legendary WHVW during the 70's, and also worked at WPTR and WKIP, Poughkeepsie.  He was apparently seeking a new gig, and somehow this got into the hands of John Gabriel.  It offer some brief glimpses of 'HVW, along with their famous spliced jingles.     
Bob Roberts on WSNY Schenectady NY in 1973. (9:20)  After doing the overnight shift at WTRY and afternoons at WFLY, Roberts landed the PD gig at WSNY.  He was on there a short time before going over to WHSH.  Last I heard, he was out of radio a long time ago.  This aircheck is a nice representation of Roberts work.  But even armed with some pretty good PAMS jingles, WSNY was doomed due to their poor signal and eventually went dark in about 1975.  Thanks to John Gabriel of WTRY for this beauty!   
Don Bombard on WYNY NYC in 1981.  (7:42)  After making a name for himself as a Syracuse NY and Pittsburgh PA radio legend, Bombard hit the big time in NYC.  Even with 'YNY's tight formatting, Don sounded great... and still does... as Bob Shannon, afternoon drive jock on WCBS-FM.  I found this one in a box of lost tapes!   
Jim Rising on WCFR Springfield, VT in 1975.  (10:43) Rising, best known for his work at WHYN and WAQY in the 1970's was PD of WCFR after their sale from Carlos Zezza to Sconnix in 1974.  Sconnix took the station from Top 40 to AC at that time.  And a rather tight AC they were as you'll hear on this aircheck.  Rising has been working in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton PA area for about the last 20 years, and now works for Entercom. This one is from my personal collection.  
Dan Ingram on WABC NYC in 1979.  They say that WABC went disco for about a week in the late 70's.  I don't think this aircheck comes from that era... "Baker Street" is hardly a disco record... but there certainly is a lot of NYC disco music on here.  Also, the aircheck features an EBS test for the "Hudson Valley/Catskill Area"... huh?  My thanks again to Jason Bereza of the Northeast Radio Guide at radio-info.com for this one!    
Bob Lewis on WABC NYC in 1962.  (8:42)  "Babaloo", well known for his work at WABC, also jocked on WABC-FM when they were progressive rock, and was at pre-oldies WCBS-FM.  This aircheck exhibits the very early days of WABC as a Top 40 station... a time of Herb Oscar Anderson and Don McNeal's Breakfast Club.  It's not great quality, but it gives you the feel for those days!  Recent high school grad Jason Bereza of radio-info.com contributed this one!   
Jim Kaye on WAQY Springfield in 1981 - His Last Show (Part Two).  Featuring the last 45 minutes of WACKY 102, Ken Barlow, and some highlights of the automated WACKY from the early 70's.  More great stuff from Steve Sawyer... my thanks Steve!   
Gary Hamilton on WAQY Springfield MA in 1980.   An eccentric individual and a great jock, this all too brief aircheck of Gary from the WACKY 102 days really showcases the sound of the station in those days.  Gary, who is heard as Gary Mitchell on the New HUC Composite, now works at WHUD in Peekskill NY and WDST in his hometown of Woodstock, NY. Just found this one from my personal collection.   
Jim Kaye on WAQY Springfield in 1981 - His Last Show (Part One).  As part of our "Trilogy" in memory of "WACKY 102", here's Jim ("The Big Tuna") Kaye with lots of people in the studio (including me) for his last show.  You'll hear a break I did on that last day first, then the Tuna.  As I recall, Jim was disappointed with this last show, as he really didn't get to make it all his own - but if you listen to this - it's all him.  He went out with his usual collection of oldies, and of course, a lot of class. Steve Sawyer (a major WACKY fan) contributed this one.    
WTRY Troy NY Retrospective 1975.  Sounding like it was put together by Albany market legend Joe Condon, this retrospective includes some airchecks I've already listed here, but also includes Don Weeks and Jerry Tyler.  It's well put together and entertaining, and it's from aircheck master Greg Pattenaude 
Steve Sawyer on WHAI Greenfield MA in 1998.  The most recent 'check in our collection, Mr. Sawyer has held both management and air talent jobs all over the country.  He currently calls the south his home, and until recently, has been working as an 18 wheel trucker (hence the references on this aircheck.)  It's tight AC personality at it's finest!   
Jay Clark on WTRY Troy NY in 1969.  This is an aircheck of Clark on his second time at 'TRY, doing the night show.  He sounds though, like he's doing middays!  Some cool sixties music and commercials from '69, including local clubs, concerts and fast food joints.  (Clark, BTW, went on to eventually be the PD of WABC during their last months as CHR.)  It's a sixties slice of history, supplied via Jason Bereza of the Hudson Valley Radio Guide 
WTRY Troy 45th Anniversary Special 4/15/85.  Produced for WTRY by John Gabriel outlines some history of the station, including blackout of 1965, in which 'TRY was the only Albany area station on the air.   
WCBS-FM in 1970.  Most folks probably don't remember the days before 'CBS-FM did the oldies format.  Prior to that, they were a very commercial sounding "progressive rock" operation.  Determined to be a successor of sorts to the beloved folk/rock sound of  WOR-FM, CBS decided to compete with then progressive WNEW-FM and WABC-FM/WPLJ.  This brief blip of former WABC jock Bob Lewis and former 'OR-FM jock Steve Clark exhibits some of the stations presentation and music. This one is from my personal collection.   
Lucy St. James on WGFM Schenectady NY in 1984.  Lucy had a great sound, and was very dedicated to the broadcasting art -- a real pro and a genuinely nice person.  She's now at Y100 in Philadelphia, as their Production Director.   Courtesy of of aircheck master Greg Pattenaude.    
WTRY Composite, 1965. From a WTRY history tape (which I will put up here sometime), this one features Ed Reilly, Rick Snyder, Lee Gray, and WROW Albany radio legend Joe Condon. Condon was in high school when he started at ’TRY, Reilly later worked at sister station WHSH (now WPYX), and Gray landed at WMCA, NYC. My favorite "supplier" Greg Pattenaude gave us this one! 
Lance Fitzgerald on WFLY Troy NY in 1980. Some (like me) knew that Lance was the best jock on the old ’FLY… check out some of these excerpts and find out why! Lance had the added bonus of meeting his wife of many years over the phone while at ’FLY. Thanks to Jeff Mail of Jersey 101.5 for this moment! 
John Gabriel on WTRY Troy NY in 1975. This composite, part of a 1975 ‘TRY anniversary tape, showcases John, then about 20 years old cookin’ away! He is, as many folks probably know, is still at ‘TRY… but older and a bit wiser. Thanks to Greg Pattenaude for another gem!
Al Bandiero on WKBW Buffalo in 1979. During the disco scare of the 1970’s, Bandiero did a stint at the legendary KB. What’s the connection for this page? Well, Bandiero, earlier in the 70’s worked at WHUC as their night jock! Now of course, he's at Jammin 105 in NYC. New contributor Steve Sawyer gave this one to us! 
Kerry James on WABY Albany in 1961. Now here’s a real treat… early sixties Top 40 done well! WABY was undoubtedly 250 watts full time then, and the signal in Schenectady and Troy had to be very marginal… but they sure sounded great! Additionally, I left all the commercials in… spots for all sorts of car dealers and etc! It’s almost one-half hour long, but believe me, you won’t regret it (and a Dickie Goodman record, to boot!) James went on to work for quite some time at WTRY in the late 60’s.  Thanks to contributor Greg Pattenaude for this gem! 
Boom Boom Branigan on WPTR Albany NY in 1962 . If my memory serves me, this was about the time the Boomer did a split shift, 9am-12noon, and then 3-6pm. This, from a November morning in 1962 was at the very beginning of the ’TRY — ’PTR war that raged into the 1970’s. Greg Pattenaude was the supplier for this one too!  
Mark Allen on WPTR Albany in 1968. Probably the most significant thing about Mark Allan was that he later went to WCFL Chicago using the name Bob Dearborn, and went to near legendary status from there. His running bit on ‘PTR was "Mark Allen… from the couch." This brief aircheck from Greg Pattenaude features some great jingles as well.  
JJ Phillips on WHVW Hyde Park NY in 1973 . What do you do with a 500 watt daytimer in the suburbs of Poughkeepsie, NY? Do a fake Drake type format with spliced jingles, I guess! Tom Shovan programmed WHVW at the time, and this aircheck of them is rather representative of the way they sounded… overall, pretty tight… except for the last break! Thanks to aircheck collector Greg Pattenaude for this small market classic! 
Bob Mason on WFLY Troy NY in 1980. After he was at WCKL and WOKO, and before he was at WPYX, WQBK, WPYX (again) and WXCR, Mason was PD of WFLY in the early eighties. Courtesy of Jeff Mail of New Jersey 101, here’s Mason at the afternoon drive controls in 1980. Thanks for your contribution, Jeff!!   
Rick Kelly on WACKY102, Springfield MA in 1978. You can get a real flavor for the energy of the station here. Unfortunately, a regular feature of the station was 27 units of spots an hour, which along with a "teen" image and second string marketing, did ‘em in. It was fun while it lasted though! 
Cousin Brucie on WABC New York in 1970. To me, this aircheck was very typical of the way Morrow sounded on WABC.
Dan Ingram on WABC New York in 1970.  Originally provided to me 30 years ago by Gary Liebisch, this one of my prized possessions. The most highly praised aircheck in this collection!  A day that Ingram was really "on" during the "Music Power" days of WABC. Ingram’s day started off with a forecast of rain right after he washed his car, and his day went downhill from there. You’ll hear some great production (some of the bumpers they were using were incredible) and some Ingram Outrage Father’s Day gift suggestions. It’s a treat!  
WGFM Schenectady, NY 1984 I think it’s 84… perhaps 85. ‘GFM is my favorite all time CHR station in the Albany market. There, I said it and I don’t regret it!  Here’s midday guy Tom Parker and morning man Lee Warner (with some help from NBC announcer Don Pardo) just doing the format and keeping it tight. And the best 1980’s jingle package, ever!  
WTRY Jingles and Promos from the Early 1960’s. Hear the promo at the beginning featuring then ‘TRY morning man Don Weeks? A real treat, thanks to John Gabriel for supplying them to me.
Ken Barlow on WDOT Burlington, VT 1976  After leaving Grahm Junior College in Boston in the early seventies, Ken worked at WCFR, WKNE and others… with a long stint at WDOT. ‘DOT was looking for a "dirty mouth" to do nights. Ken filled the bill! Ken is now VP of Programming for the Vox Radio Group. 
John Gabriel on WPTR, Albany, NY 1973 This one is real slice of history, the way WPTR sounded in the early seventies. It’s the only aircheck of ‘PTR I ever made, and only because John’s my cousin.  
New HUC Composite, 1975  (14:52) A classic that was much imitated.  It features Jared Willets (now on Florida TV)  Gary Mitchell, myself and Cary Pall (now of Clear Channel.)  This tape got Cary (Spaceman Cary, on this tape) a gig at 99X, New York City.
Cary Pall on 99X WXLO, NYC in 1975. This aircheck gives you a pretty good feeling for the way 99X sounded in ‘75. Goofing around was the order of the day… along with weirdness, like the intro to "Funeral for a Friend" demonstrates here.  
Dave Glass on WOKO, Albany NY in 1975. The overnight shift was only one of the shifts Dave occupied on the old "OK", and this is a representation of his work. As well as being a friend of mine for 35 years, Dave has worked at many different stations, some in the Albany area. You can check out other airchecks of Dave, including his work at WHUC and WTRY, by clicking here.  
Cary Pall on WSNY Schenectady, NY in 1973 Interesting, in that this was recorded in East Greenbush, NY. If it sounds muddy/muffled, well, that’s the way ‘SNY sounded. Cary sounded good, nice board work. He’d like to think that this was his first professional radio job, but the first was really WHRL, playing elevator music (for one week.)  

The Grahm Junior College Aircheck/Production Page is our sister web site with sounds of alumni and faculty of the long gone Grahm Junior College, Boston MA.  Check it out!

Audioldies.net is Sam Ward's website specializing in downloads and exclusive programs about everything oldies, and includes special radio station recreations.  Sam has been a big supporter of this website!

Man from Mars Productions is undoubtedly the original source of many of the airchecks featured on Northeast Airchecks.  The "Man from Mars" Ed Brouder is not only an aircheck collector, but a radio archivist, author and historian.  Man from Mars Productions will, for a small fee, duplicate parts of his collection of radio sounds.  His web site features a searchable database of his entire collection... nearly 5000 recordings!  Ed also maintains web sites about WDRC and WPOP of Hartford that offer a depth of detail about those stations that is second to none.  Ed is extraordinarily knowledgeable about all things radio... check out his site, you will be amazed!

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The 98 CKGM Super 70s Tribute Page is the result of hours and hours of site construction by former CKGM afternoon drive jock Marc Denis (pronounced Den-ee').  It features tons of photos, audio, and history of one of Canada's great Top 40's.  Marc also has the 1470 CFOX Montreal Radio Archive website that features airchecks, surveys and memorabilia from the station that was a competitor to the legendary CKGM.

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Jack Gale (currently working as freelance voiceover talent and formerly morning talent and PD of WAYS) has a great web site jackgaleradio.com chronicling his colorful work in radio since the 1940's.  Jack is a talented radio personality in the "classic" sense in that when he does a morning show, he has a cast of characters that he does ALL the voices for!  He's also put out a great book, "Same Time, Same Station" of personal reminiscences and radio stories.

J. Douglas from WRPI (and Jeff Douglas from WPTR) has his Web site up at http://www.jdthedj.com.  It has some more recent airchecks of JD and others at various New Orleans radio stations and other places not fortunate enough to be a part of "the Great Northeast."

Bob Mitchell's WOLF 1490 Tribute Site is a great and comprehensive tribute to a great station that so many talented people went through... like Howie Castle, John Gabriel, Dale Dorman and Jim Sims!  It features photos, memorabilia, and airchecks of "The Big 15"! 

NECRAT is another one of those radio labor-of-love web sites that truly offers information you won't see anywhere else.  Maintained by WWLP TV-22 engineer Mike Fitzpatrick, NECRAT stands for Northeast Commercial Radio Antennas and Towers, and features maps, photos and tons of info about radio and TV tower locations in the Northeastern US.  It's cool!

Reelradio.com,  Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Radio Repository is of course, the KING of all radio/aircheck sites has over 1000 airchecks, mostly from the US.  It's updated weekly, and is a superior labor of love for Richard Irwin.  It's not to be missed!    

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Aircheck master Greg Pattenaude of the Albany NY area has tons of airchecks for the trading!  Check 'em out here.
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